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These high-tech mirrors don’t just look luxe—they’re perfect for applying make-up and taking a selfie, too

Any make-up artist, professional photographer or Instagram-obsessed person will tell you, good lighting makes all the difference. This golden rule of photography also applies to make-up application, and if you’ve been struggling to see the details when grooming under the fluorescent lights in your room, why not invest in a beautiful lighted mirror that can provide a well-lit, flattering reflection of yourself?

To help out with your make-up-lighting woes, we've rounded up some of the most premium mirrors that equipped with LED lights, different levels of magnification and even smart features designed for immersive entertainment experiences while you get ready.

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HiMirror Mini

Not your average make-up mirror, this iPad lookalike device isn’t just famous for a selection of five light settings to help you prepare different makeup scenarios—from being outdoors to staying in dimly lit venues. This mirror also doubles as a skin analysis tool, which scans the user’s skin to assess everything from wrinkles, dark spots, pores, fine lines, and more, through just one photo.

What’s more, it can even keep track of your skincare conditions over time and recommend beauty products based on your needs. You can also connect your device to Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to stream music and videos directly on the mirror. Definitely worth the splurge.  

Available at Fortress

Impressions Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker

The ultimate getting-ready-for-a-night-out mirror, what we love about it most is its bluetooth audio speaker, which allows you to play your favourite songs or talk on your phone hands-free while beautifying. The distortion-free mirror also has a swivel base, meaning you can always get a perfect and comfortable viewing angle.  

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Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

A must-have for every beauty trendsetter, this gadget by Deweisn boasts a three-way fold design with a 180-tilting mirror to give you a wide-angle view with enhanced clarity and detail. One of the panels is split into two options: 2X and 3X magnification mirrors, for you to shape your eyebrows effortlessly. Dressed in gorgeous, gleaming rose gold, the mirror will add a touch of glamour to your vanity.

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness

Still not convinced to splurge on a makeup mirror? Take a look at this ingenious gadget designed by Simplehuman. Simultaneously elegant and practical, the mirror features a “tru-lux” light system using surgical-grade LEDs to stimulate optimal natural lighting for flawless makeup application. You can simply run your finger along of the mirror to adjust the brightness while playing around with the latest makeup trends—without having to worry about battery life, as it can last up to five weeks with one full charge.  
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Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror with Travel Case

Beauty professionals and influencers alike are fans of this mirror. In addition to providing five stages of LED light dimming for you to control the level of detail you want to see, the mirror also includes a 3-times magnification mode for close-up needs. It also comes with a magnetic phone clip for you to record videos and take selfies, with no more awkward angles ruining your shot. With a lightweight, portable design, it can be easily stored in narrow spaces.  
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Luna London Lighted Compact Makeup Mirror

A lovely rose gold-hued compact mirror to keep in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups, this gadget is designed to help you look your best throughout the day. Not only does this mirror have long-lasting, soft LED lights to you give a flattering reflection and optimal lighting for applying make-up, but it also comes with a 7-times magnification mirror on one side for you to achieve precise makeup application. Even if you don’t buy it for the practicality, just do it for the 'gram. 

Available at Amazon

iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror

We couldn’t think of a more glamorous, statement-making piece than a Hollywood style vanity mirror. Giving off charming vintage vibes with twelve LED light bulbs along the edges, this mirror offers three choices of make-up light colour temperatures—from warm to cold—to make getting ready in the morning or evening a breeze. It can even rotate up to 360°, giving you more angles to view your complexion. Other perks include 10-times magnification, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker and a USB charging port for you to stay connected with your devices.

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