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Dry hands — whether from alcohol or overwashing — are just another of our (many) worries in this pandemic. Here are a few of the best hand creams that could help with that.

I've always been pretty confident about my hands; never was I one to shy away from hand-holding or touch. But now that alcohol and aggressive disinfectants have become part of our daily routines, all that has changed. Without the help of intensive moisturisers, our hands can get pretty dry. (Not only that, but for those with sensitive skin, micro-abrasions and skin rashes aren't too far behind either.)

It wouldn't be smart to compromise hand-washing or disinfection for sake of soft hands – all those are integral to our health these days. But neither should we forsake skincare (even if most of us are probably avoiding touching too many things or people right now). Here, we've listed down some of the best hand creams for you to try should you want softer, smoother, and more supple skin!

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1. Aesop

Beauty giant, Aesop, is a cult favourite so it's no wonder that their hand creams works so well. Their Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm smells sweetly of mandarin oil, rosemary leaf, and cedarwood — a great rustic combination that aims to soften skin, nails, and cuticles. Although it's targeted as a hand cream, it's also safe to use on other parts of the body such as feet and legs. Their formula, which is light and non-greasy, also sinks quickly into skin, leaving your hands without the sticky after-feel (I'm sure) we all hate. 

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DAVISAGE's Handie Bottle is the perfect companion during this pandemic. The bottle, which features two nozzles, carries both the brand's alcohol-based hand cleansing gel and its luxury black orchid hand cream. Now, you can moisturise as soon as you sanitise! Their antibacterial sanitiser has 60% alcohol content and is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Meanwhile, their luxury black orchid cream (which also contains aloe extract!) replenishes moisture for supple hands and skin. 

Think that's all? The unique design of the DAVISAGE bottle also features a compact mirror and a small compartment you can keep rings in while you sanitise! Talk about efficiency, am I right?

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3. Weleda

Formulated with a mixture of organic sesame oil, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, and golden millet extract, Weleda's Pomegranate Hand Cream is a great alternative for those who prefer organic and sustainable beauty products. As a leader in natural cosmetics, Weleda has committed itself to its position as a frontrunner in sustainable practices. Everything in their Pomegranate Hand Cream is ethically sourced and highly effective. Their formulation not only moisturises but also forms a protective barrier around your skin that locks in moisture so your hands can stay soft and supple for much, much longer. 

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4. Sukin

Sukin is a cruelty-free brand best known for incorporating gentle ingredients into all their products. Their Hand & Nail Cream, for example, is made with aloe vera, soy protein, vitamin E, and borange oil leaves, all of which are natural and sustainably sourced in Australia. Its non-greasy formula also hydrates and protects dry hands, leaving your skin feeling soothed and nourished. 

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5. Ere Perez

Missing summer? So do we! Get a dose of tropical vibes with the Natural Cosmetics Papaya SOS Marmalade from Ere Perez. Its delightfully fruity scent is reminiscent of coconut, chia, grapefruit oil, and papaya (all of which are chock-full of vitamins and anti-oxidants). As an all-around treatment, you can also apply it to your hands, feet, face, and hair to help heal tiny abrasions, skin breakouts, dryness, insect bites, and scars. Talk about a miracle balm!

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6. TonyMoly

This adorable hand cream from TonyMoly doesn't only have the cutest packaging, it also has some of the best and most fragrant ingredients! Elements from peach and apricot extract act as a natural perfume while shea butter helps to banish dry skin and wrinkles. Its added ingredient, adenosine, helps to guarantee it as a treatment for wrinkled or tired skin on your hands. 

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7. Omorovicza

Take home luxury skincare from Budapest with Omorovicza's Nourishing Hand Treatment. It instantly hydrates skin with its light, yet incredibly effective formula. The brand also touts its addition of Vitamin C, which helps alleviate signs of pigmentation on skin. 

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8. Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher's Garden Party is a perfumed hand cream that brings out the femininity of its wearers. Hints of damask rose and fresh mint leaves intermingle to create a rich yet refreshing scent in a formula that is both soft and effective. Try it out now in its travel size tube that guarantees convenient portability! 

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9. Marks & Spencer

London's beloved lifestyle purveyor, Marks & Spencer, presents its Royal Jelly Hand & Nail Cream. Smelling sweetly of honey, this convenient squeeze tube holds an intensive, moisture-rich formula that's perfect for those looking to care for both hands and nails. 

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10. La Compagnie De Provence

La Compagnie De Provence introduces a refreshing hand cream that incorporates hints of Grasse lemony verbena and Provence honey. Reminiscent of French countryside verdure, this travel-sized hand cream also contains a mixture of three botanical oils namely sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, all of which work wonderfully to soothe and protect the skin from drying agents such as soap and alcohol.

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11. Lanolips

Lemon has always been one of my favourite scents. Its zest is both refreshing and energising, particularly in Lanolips Lemon Hand Cream Intense. The brand itself is famous for developing lanolin, an odourless and colourless ointment that mimics naturally-made skin oils to restore moisture. This particular hand cream has been boosted not only with lanolin but with grape oil, vitamin E, and shea as well, so you know that your skin is in great hands. Both non-sticky and refreshing, this hand balm is also available in coconut and rose scents. 

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