From mega volume Russian lashes to classic lashes that look oh-so-natural, these lash salons on our list have been tried and tested

This story was first published on January 26, 2021 and updated on December 30, 2021.

It’s no secret that lash extensions are favoured by many women in Singapore, especially with the number of lash salons that have popped up all over the island in the past few years. The most common reason as to why women enjoy having on lash extensions is the fact that it allows us to shorten the time spent dolling up; we get to wake up with beautiful lashes that make us look refreshed, even with barely any makeup on.

Here in Singapore, there are popular establishments that have been around from even before the lash extensions trend started as well as newcomers that are keen on satisfying discerning customers. 

As someone who’s obsessed with lash extensions, especially voluminous ones, I’ve done the legwork and narrowed down which are the best salons in Singapore that are suitable for different customers with varying needs. Some of us may love the effect of dramatic wispy lashes, while there are those who would prefer a more subtle, au natural look.

In the age of coronavirus where we have to put on face masks on a daily basis, there’s no better time than to up the ante when it comes to your eye makeup so read on and find out which salon to visit for your next self-love session.

Smitten Beauty Studio

Housed in a shophouse in the enclave of Tiong Bahru, this cosy little salon is perfect for those who enjoy some quiet me-time as they’re getting their lashes done. Owner and founder Cassandra Lim opened Smitten Beauty Studio, which is her first lash salon, after realising that there were very few lash salons in Singapore that could help her achieve that coveted voluminous effect for her peepers. In fact, she went as far as getting herself certified as a lash therapist and thereafter delved straight into joining the beauty industry.

“The most popular style [among my customers] is definitely the Hollywood Flutters! It is glamorous, brings attention to the eyes and gives you the eyeliner effect,” says Lim. “Although voluminous, the lashes are lightweight, soft and fluffy so you won’t be able to feel a thing.”

One of the new styles that Lim offers is The Foxx, which is quickly gaining popularity among her customers. 

"The difference in this style is that it is more lifted and people who have single or heavier eyelids can choose this as it is more prominent," Lim shares.

Those who enjoy completing their eye makeup look with an eyeliner flick at the back can also choose this style for a "foxy look".

Tatler Tip

Just like Lim, I prefer lash extensions that are extra voluminous and dramatic so this is the spot to try if you want lashes like Huda Kattan or Kylie Jenner. The lashes here also last much longer than regular extensions. On a separate note, Lim also offers eyebrow embroidery services (including that coveted ombre look) so that's an extra service to explore at this salon. Appointments during the Chinese New Year 2022 period are now available so book soon. 

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J.Lashes is among the few lash salons in Singapore that can help customers achieve that coveted wispy, mascara effect for the eyes. Granted, the sessions here may take longer than usual but that’s only because most of their lash styles require each natural lash to be completely covered. The salon’s signature TuTu Volume style is perfect for a special occasion or if you’re keen on a more elaborate look and was initially designed specifically for Asian women in mind.

Tatler Tip

There’s a reason why the sessions here take a longer time; and that’s because each therapist is extra meticulous and can apply as many as 15 lashes onto each natural lash. This technique practised by the therapists here is unique and has been tweaked over the years to suit different eye shapes, so just relax and enjoy the process.

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Dr Lash

If you’re looking for lash extensions that will remind you of the Kardashian sisters, this is the right place. An avid fan of lash extensions herself, former cabin crew Gwendolyn Toh, 29, opened her own salon after feeling discontented with services she had undergone herself before.

“Having tried out lash extensions myself in the past, they seem to always feel uncomfortable and cause my own lashes to fall off really quickly,” says Toh. “Wanting to find the best methodology to ensure utmost comfort, I went on to learn more about how it’s done and find out solutions to perfect the craft—and that’s how Dr Lash was born.”

The salon’s bestselling Karlashian series, which is meant to mimic strip lashes, is highly popular among the salon’s clientele so put that on your list of lash extension styles to try.

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Tatler Asia

Homegrown beauty brand Browhaus also offers lash extensions and you can choose the type of look that you want. Lash In Bloom, the brand’s eyelash extension service comes in three varieties: cluster lash, single lash and multi-lash. Depending on your eye shape and the desired final look, the therapists will also provide advice on the most suitable lash type for you. The lash extensions also come in various lengths, curls and levels of thickness and last up to six weeks.

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If you’re just starting out in the world of eyelash extensions and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the different lash styles, perhaps this salon could be a good choice. Highbrow offers a basic lash-by-lash style that gives a natural look and also their signature Cirrus Lash style which can vary in thickness depending on your preference. Making a decision on the type of lash effect you want is rather straightforward here so it’s suitable for anyone who’s new to this beauty treatment.

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Keen on getting both your nails and lashes done at the same time? Flutters Lash & Nail Parlour conveniently offers both services, so you can get dolled up in one place. There are several variations available but the So-fine Souffle lashes have always been a crowd favourite, especially for those who prefer dainty, doll-like lashes. Flutters also provides extra services such as lower lash extensions and lash bling—that’s right, you can add Swarovski crystals to your extensions for that extra sparkle.

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