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Goodbye, in-person lipstick swatches, hello Covid-friendly beauty innovations

As museums and events switched to virtual viewings and Zoom meetings, the beauty industry also had to adapt to the new normal in 2020. Whether it was companies using the latest technology to provide virtual makeup previews, or at-home beauty services gaining popularity during the third wave when spas were closed, this year has been nothing short of the unexpected. 

From topical CBD skincare gaining momentum in Hong Kong, to the rise of maskne, we're listing the top 2020 beauty trends that were in the spotlight this year. 

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Topical CBD Products

Hong Kong may have been a little late to the CBD game compared to the rest of the world, but the influx of CBD products in the city surely made up for it this year. From the opening of Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe, to CBD cocktails, beer and even shisha, the city can’t get enough of CBD products—especially when it comes to skincare. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are said to aid a variety of skin issues, from irritated skin, eczema to active acne. This year, we rounded up the best CBD beauty products for different skin concerns and published a beginner’s guide to CBD and where to find CBD products in Hong Kong if you’re thinking of adding this magical ingredient to your daily routine. 

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Maskne Products

Shortly after we all adapted to the new normal of wearing face masks every day, many of us got introduced to face mask’s new friend: maskne. 

Maskne, which refers to acne caused by wearing masks, became a trending search term on Google, with search interests increasing by 811%  this past year. Skincare brands quickly hopped on board to fulfil market demands, pushing out maskne skincare treatments, sets and products. 

From skincare products such as the prescription-grade beauty brand specially designed to treat maskne, to store-bought treatments like Maskne Essentials kit by Dr. Jart, to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Maskne Set, and even dermatologist recommended face masks that will help you say goodbye to 2020’s most detested breakouts. Other acne-focused brands and products also gained traffic, such as Hero Cosmetic’s acne patches, and Paula’s Choice’s liquid exfoliants

We dove into the world of maskne this year, finding the best face masks to prevent and treat maskne, a face mask guide that could help lower the chances of breakouts, and an all-in-one guide that explains what face mask breakouts are––how to prevent them. 

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Virtual Try-Ons

Gone are the days where we can safely step into a store and try out a new lipstick shade or colour match a new foundation in-store. Covid-19 has forced us to get creative whether it’s connecting with friends, finding entertainment or shopping. 

As events and appointments moved online, beauty brands followed, offering virtual try-ons through augmented reality (AR) technology for everything from hair colour from Garnier, nail polish from OPI, brow shaping and colour from Benefit Cosmetics, lipstick from Chanel, and many more. While trying on beauty products virtually may not be as accurate nor as satisfying as dabbing on a new lipstick shade in-store, we love how safe and convenient virtual try-on are—not to mention how fun it is to test out different hair colours without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

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At-Home Beauty Gadgets

The temporary closure of spas and beauty centres due to social distancing rules meant that we had to take (beauty) issues into our own hands.

2020 saw a rise in popularity for luxury at-home facial gadgets, from LED light therapy masks, to vibrating facial massage tools and high-tech cleansing brushes. We’re adding all of these to cart in the name of self-care and welcoming 2021 with glowing, radiant skin. 

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Beauty Services To Your Door

Beauty maintenance doesn’t stop during a pandemic. When salons and spas were forced to temporarily close during the third wave, beauty fanatics turned to at-home beauty services and got their fix at home instead. 

From hair and makeup services, lash extensions, professional massages, or simply a classic mani-pedi combo, smaller beauty service providers thrived during the pandemic as more people sought out ways to feel glam at home while also keeping safety as a priority.

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Eye-Focused Makeup Looks

The introduction of face masks meant that we had to get extra creative when applying makeup this year. Instead of buying new lipsticks (that no one would really see all day), we gravitated towards trying new eye makeup trends this year.

From extreme lashes, multi-coloured bold eye shadow, animal print eyeshadow, and glossy eyeshadows, eyes were the star of the show this 2020. Not to mention the controversial fox eyeliner trend, which was first made popular by celebrity Bella Hadid and TikTok, but was later on accused to be appropriating Asian facial features. 

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Eco-friendly Products

While we switch to more eco-friendly products and welcome more sustainable practices in our daily lives, beauty companies are trying their best to make an effort as well. 

Just this year, L’Oreal announced its goal to switch to completely sustainable packaging by 2025 under its “L’Oreal for the Future” program. Other small and big brands have also hopped on the eco train, introducing products with cleaner ingredients, using more sustainable practices, and eco-friendly packaging. 

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