For the face of Dior Addict Stellar Shine’s latest campaign, keeping her makeup simple is key

Is pink feminine or masculine? Cara Delevingne says it is both. The model, singer and actress is the new face of Dior Addict Stellar Shine’s campaign, and she couldn’t be more perfect for the role. Bold, feisty and confident, Cara Delevingne embodies the versatility and empowerment of the colour pink—beyond the cliche of cute and pretty.

She tells us how it feels to be a Dior Beauty muse, what it’s like working with Peter Phillips, and her personal beauty secrets.

First Dior Capture Youth skincare, and now Dior Addict Lipstick. How does it feel to be a Dior Beauty muse?
Cara Delevingne (CD) Dior has always been a brand that I admired, and I feel grateful to be included in the company of the other brand ambassadors that I share the title with like Natalie Portman, Bella Hadid and Charlize Theron.

How was it like to work with Peter Philips on set?
CD Peter is such a legend in the beauty industry. I love any opportunity to get to work with him.

Who do you think the "Be Dior. Be Pink" campaign you're in speaks to?
CD This campaign speaks to lots of different girlslipstick isn’t just for when you want to feel pretty but when you want to feel bold or strong. This lipstick provides a shade for every occasion.

Which is your favourite shade from this collection?
CD My favourite shade is definitely “Be Dior” for day and night!

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What is your daily beauty ritual?
CD On an everyday basis, I try to keep my skin clean, protected and moisturised. After that, my beauty ritual is very dependent on what I’m working on that day.

You are almost always seen wearing a natural look in your daily life. What is most important to you when you are doing your makeup?
CD Simplicity.

What is your favourite makeup look for the day and for the night?
CD I prefer to wear just some sunscreen, mascara and maybe some eyebrow gel during the day. At night, I like to throw on a great lip.

Any makeup mistakes you wouldn’t commit again?
CD I’ve had a lot of interesting looks between my jobs on the screen, runway and editorial. I wouldn’t call any a mistake; I would just say each has been an experience.

What are three beauty products you always carry in your bag?
CD Moisturiser, lip balm and a hairbrush.

You are known for being bold and experimental when it comes to fashion and beauty. Where do you usually get your inspirations from?
CD I get inspired by the beauty professionals that surround me. On the campaign shoot, it was Peter Philips. For the red carpet, it’s Mara Roszak and Molly Stern.

What is the best beauty advice you've been given?
CD My mom told me never to touch my eyebrows and it turned out for the best.

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