Cover Superegg is the new eco-friendly skincare brand to know (Photo: @superegg/Instagram)

Helmed by lifestyle influencer Erica Choi, Superegg makes use of the cutting-edge and eco-friendly power of plant-based ingredients

Erica Choi, a lifestyle influencer and the power behind @eggcanvas, a fashion, travel and beauty blog and also a New York-licensed esthetican has hatched new skincare brand Superegg. This vegan egg powers the skin's well-being and is formulated to match an egg's nutritional value using 100 per cent vegan ingredients.

The plant-based skincare brand promises to help restore and balance skin leading to a smoother radiant complexion. Choi tapped into the power of an egg, which has always played a role in Asian beauty practices. She draws inspiration from Zhang Lihua, a concubine in 600 B.C. who was recognised for her immense beauty. It's believed that she used a facial cream made of egg white and powered vermillion. A guidebook for women called gyuhap chonseo which existed during the Korean Joseon Dynasty also recorded beauty practices of mixing eggs in liquor for the face to achieve glossy jade-like skin.

These beauty rituals span throughout generations across East Asia and serve as the building blocks for Superegg. The ancient process of using egg takes patience as each component—the egg white, yolk and eggshell—are all applied one by one, each containing unique essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to replenish skin.

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"Clean beauty starts from a simple idea. For us, it began with an egg and its nutritional value," says Choi.

Busan-born and USA-bred, Choi recreates these ancient rituals using vegan equivalent ingredients to align with their mission of providing clean skincare. The result is three unique, nourishing, plant-based ingredients, Yolk Duplex, White Suplex and Shell Duplex.

Different products are equipped with different ingredients, for instance, the Sound Renewal moisturiser and Gentle Elements cleanser have Yolk and White Duplex where 24 plant-based ingredients work together to hydrate, strengthen and restore skin to the same smoothness of an eggshell. Other ingredients include Panthenol (vitamin B5), PHA and vital water from the everlasting flower. 

The brand's sustainable practice extends to their packaging, with materials formulated to be entirely recyclable. The boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper and also offer sustainable packaging options that help reduce environmental footprint. Already looking ahead, the brand has plans to launch two sheet masks in February 2021.

Superegg products, Sound Renewal moisturiser and Gentle Elements cleanser are available for pre-order at their official website. For now, shipping is only available in the US. All pre-orders come with a complimentary Petit Egg Bag, while supplies last.

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