Whether you’re heading for vacation or jetting off for an overseas work trip, it’s imperative to rethink the beauty essentials that will ease you through the changes in time and seasons.

Travelling entails a whole lot of smart packing, proving a challenge for those of us pampered by the luxurious recesses of our beauty collections. A change in weather, sleep patterns and time zones can stress skin out, so you’ll want to travel smart but light with products scoring high on intensive care, SPF, and long-wear hold. Fortunately for you, these 8 lightweight and reliable beauty products keep you beautiful and covered throughout your trip, without the excess baggage.

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Compact Touch Ups: Lancôme Absolue Cushion

What it is: An ultra-slim cushion with subtle gold pigments for that coveted ‘glow-on-the-go’. Enhanced with a new skincare formulation and protective properties from the rose Gallica flower.

Double-duty makeup is a game-changer for every traveller. Invented for the woman who’s constantly on the go, the Lancôme Absolue Cushion infuses skincare properties of exquisite rose, citrus and camellia oils and extracts for radiance, anti-ageing and soothing properties. It is also permeated with SPF50+/PA+++ to maintain your skin’s youth, naturally.

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Clean & Kind: Tonique Confort

What it is: The trusty solution to rehydrate and cleanse skin after a long day on the road. Designed to give you a satisfying and gentle post-cleanse sensation, minus irritation.

Consider it an additional booster to your post-cleanse routine—teeming with ingredients like the moisturising hyaluronic acid, replenishing acacia honey and sweet almond oil, and the anti-inflammatory rosa damascene, your skin will thank you for the pampering pick-me-up after a long day.

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Eyes Wide Open: Grandiôse Smudgeproof Mascara

What it is: This iconic Lancôme mascara enhances eyes immediately thanks to the technical precision of lengthening, lifting and thickening the lashes. It promises a smudge-proof effect and adheres to the French attitude of effortless chic.

Whether it’s for all-day wear or casual formal dinners, beautifully made-up eyes equip women with the much-needed confidence. The Grandiôse streamlines all your eye makeup needs into 1 avant-garde swan-neck wand with a revolutionary curved stem, mimicking the eye contour. An ultra-black pigment intensifies the eyes and suits Asian needs, further bolstered with a nourishing mix of soft waxes, jojoba butter and buildable 24-hour properties.

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Flawless Foundation: Teint Idole Ultra 24H Wear Foundation

What it is: Your fanciful wishes for a product boasting 24-hour wear and comfort can be had in this bottle. The Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation holds flawlessness in place with a high-coverage formula that’s retouch-free and buildable from natural looks to fancier appearances.

This 24-hour wunderkind reinvents itself according to our modern needs with new techniques and high coverage formula, minus caking or streaking. Pick from 25 diverse shades for day-time radiance to night-time contours, which only takes a few minutes to achieve. Most importantly, the foundation stays put without giving in to the undesirable shine and unevenness that comes with time.

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Sun Block: UV Expert Youth Shield Aqua Gel SPF 50 PA++++

What it is: Being on the road exposes skin to daily aggressors like UV rays and pollution, which the UV Expert Aqua Gel SPF smartly tackles as a multi-protection cream specially for humid weather.

Not only does the Aqua Gel minimise risks of sun spots and pigmentation, it also replenishes dehydrated skin caused by damaging UV rays. A wave of freshness envelops your complexion immediately after application, and sets your skin up for a sebum-controlled appearance. Infused with natural ingredients of edelweiss flowers containing antioxidant properties to form  protective barrier, on top of high SPF levels.

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Matte Puckers: L’Absolue Rouge Drama Matte

What it is: High pigment and comfortable lips are a priority for those on the go. With L’Absolu Rouge drama matte lipstick, lip colours are bold and oh-so-pleasurable on the lips.

One can never have too many lip products, and colours have the power to transform an entire look and mood. From reds to oranges, and pinks to browns, a delectable range of lip colours keep you looking pretty and radiant with its intense hue, whilst a creamy, ultra-comfy formula enhances the ultra-matte appearance.

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Perfecting Powder: Tient Miracle Loose Powder

What it is: The last thing you need to worry about while travelling is powder that feels heavy on the skin and the risk of breaking your powder makeup. Tient Miracle Loose Powder puts all those woes to rest with its light-as-feather, powdery form, enhanced with a special Auralnside technology.

Dab away shine and keep it at a radiant glow with this state-of-the-art loose powder. It emphasises on recreating genuine natural light for that perfected complexion, derived from translucent micro-mirrors, and pink and blue bioptic pigments to bring out skin’s inner glow. The result: luxuriously soft skin with all-day comfort.

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Eye Loving: Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl 

What it is: Travelling entails a little sacrifice on the luxurious rituals we treat ourselves to once in awhile but the iconic Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl, with its eye-contouring and lash-strengthening innovations, acts like a spa in a bottle.

The Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl has come a long way from taking the world by storm in 2012. Dubbed Lancôme’s 'big eye champion', the serum has since been upgraded with a new formula and a 360° massage applicator that brightens and illuminates eyes with ingredients like caffeine extract and a new trio-lashes complex, to fortify from root to tip. Jet lag, fatigue, and stress, be gone.