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We ask Singapore's leading makeup artists for their tips and favourite multi-masking products to come out of the circuit breaker glowing

It has been two months without a visit to our favourite spas and salons, but we still have a ways to go before they reopen in phase three. Until then, we’ve only got ourselves to count on when it comes to maintaining and pampering our skin.

While we may not have all the equipment for a full-on facial treatment at home, there’s a much-hyped beauty ritual that can promise effective results—multi-masking. The breakout beauty trend of 2016, its unwaning popularity has proven that is more than just a fad.

If you’ve not heard of it, multi-masking is essentially what its name suggests—using multiple masks in one sitting. There are three techniques to go about it.

Zoning, whereby various masks are applied to specific zones of your face based on skin concerns, is perfect for combination skin. Layering masks is another time-saving method, though extra care needs to be taken to ensure the ingredients of the masks work together. Finally, the multi-step masking, whereby you apply masks one at a time, one after another.

While it is up for debate whether the latter counts as multi-masking, it is my personal favourite when I want the full works—starting from a clarifying clay mask and finishing with a hydrating cream or sheet mask.

But don’t just take it from me—we check in on the experts who know best, professional makeup artists Andrea ClaireCheryl OwClarence LeeDollei Seah and Grego Oh to find out their tips and favourite masking combinations.

Andrea Claire

Multi-masking is a genius way to target your skin’s needs to specific areas, such as oily foreheads, sensitive cheeks, or congestions around your nose and mouth.

To get the optimal rate of absorption from your products, choose to multi-mask on a day when you are also doing gentle exfoliation. I assess my needs before multi-masking each time, so I will adjust the masks I use accordingly—do read the directions for each mask and apply according to the recommended time.

Also, don’t forget your eyes and neck. These areas (and hands) are often neglected in skincare. I can say that I have been guilty of leaving my neck to fend for itself—where I have been vigilant everywhere else, my neck reveals a lot of truths!

Cheryl Ow

Multi-masking helps to target specific issues on different parts of the face, something that a single mask won’t be able to do. The most common issue would be an oily T-zone with dehydrated cheeks.

It’s best to multi-mask after a warm shower as the steam would have loosened up any debris that is clogging up your pores. Exfoliating before multi-masking also allows the skin to absorb all the goodness from the masks better.

Clarence Lee

As most of us have different concerns with different parts of our faces, multi-masking helps to target the exact issue, which also saves time and product.

Many of us have an oilier T-zone, so I'll suggest a purifying or a peel-off mask that can help lift blackheads and keratin plugs off the skin along with a moisturising mask on the cheeks and forehead. 

However, when time permits or when I'm feeling diligent, I'll still do that one after another to fully treat my skin.

Dollei Seah

I love sheet masks because they allow the skin to 'rest' and effectively get moisture back into the skin, and layering products below it helps to infuse the benefits of various products together.

Combination-oily skin types can opt for lightweight base products like a lotion, serum, essence or light cream, while combination-dry skin types can benefit from richer products, which will also prevent the sheet mask from slipping down.

After masking, press the skin with a cold towel—the gentle and soothing action removes piled up products on the surface to avoid stickiness. Those with oilier skin can rinse it all off with water.

Grego Oh

Multi-masking is great for individuals with different skin concerns like dryness, oiliness, or sensitivity. It also serves as a mindful, self-care ritual for everyone to make time for themselves and their skin. A great combination is good mud mask to clear the skin of acne and tighten pores, along with a hydrating mask for the under eye, lips, and wrinkles.