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Here are some of Ariana Grande's fabulous makeup looks that we can't get over

One mention of her famed high ponytail or her winged eyeliner and you can easily tell we're talking about Ariana Grande. The artist has become a pop-culture figure that has inspired a whole generation. After receiving criticism about her makeup on the red carpet during her Nickelodeon era, Ariana has now completely evolved into having some of the best makeup looks overall.

Tatler looks into some of Ariana's best looks below:

1. Glam winged eyeliner

Ariana always has one of the best ultra-glam looks on the red carpet. Ever since she's stepped out wearing full black eyeliner, nude eyeshadow and lipstick, many have tried to copy the look. Hundreds of pages of Ariana-inspired makeup can be seen everywhere on YouTube with makeup artists attempting to recreate it. But the person responsible for the highly acclaimed singer's Grammy Awards glam makeup look is none other than Daniel Chinchilla. 

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2. White eyeliner

We've been so used to seeing Ariana wearing her usual sharp black eyeliner that we've never really asked ourselves what the artist would look like with light-coloured eyeliner. Now, we won't have to, thanks to Michael Anthony's memorable white eyeliner look which we've seen on the Rain On Me music video.

3. Glistening Swarovski crystals

Let's not forget the other half of the Rain On Me music video where we've seen Ariana's heavy eyeliner look. If you were wondering why it appeared to be flashing as she fabulously danced alongside Lady Gaga, that's because her makeup artist at the time even used Swarovski crystals as an accent.

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4. Perfect liner crease

Not only did Ariana leave us all in awe with her impressive vocal range during her live performance for Vevo, but she also caught our attention with her makeup and outfit. Her makeup, done by Ash K Holm, featured a liner that perfectly creases her eyes. It's a gorgeous look on its own, but her embroidered top definitely made it even better.

5. Simple wedding look

Despite being known to take things up a notch in everything she does, Ariana chose to wear something simpler on her big day. Even without Ariana's signature black eyeliner, the artist still knows how to carry herself. On her wedding day, Ariana wore makeup with her eyeliner wing toned down a bit and a timeless yet elegant dress that made her look incredibly momentous.

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