Say goodbye to blemishes with these intensive serums assured to put an end to your acne woes.

The bane of every teenager's existence, red angry acne that scar the face and make the simple act of applying makeup excruciating is not exclusive to only those in their teens. Some adults suffer from breakouts and spots even well into their thirties and forties. The cause can range from hormones to a poor diet so it can be quite difficult to pinpoint what exactly sparks a new bout of acne. Prevent zits and blemishes to stay on top of your own complexion once and for all with these latest from the world's most trusted skincare brands. 

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum
Estee Lauder's first venture into acne-fighting territory sees a clear, non-sticky serum that reveals noticably clearer, smoother and fresher skin. It doesn't only target and treat existing acne, it prevents new ones from forming too to put an end to the blemish cycle. 86% of women reported clearer skin with dramatically reduced outbreaks after continual use. 


Clinique Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Gel
An alcohol-based lotion that starts clearing up blemishes upon first application, Clinique's anti-blemish solution is not only highly effective at doing what it does, it comes in a bottle small enough to carry around in cases of emergency breakouts too. Just dap a small bit onto zits and let the lotion work its magic. Users constantly rave about how long it lasts and how well it works. 


Clarins Blemish Control Serum
This serum is miracle in a tube. Handy and small enough to fit into your pocket, its roll-on applicator makes for the easiest application. It reduces localised blemishes whilst calming, soothing and healing the surrounding affected area, on top of tightening pores to reduce sebum production and shine. It is effective whether under or on top of makeup, making it the ideal spot corrector for men and women on the go.


Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment
Formulated with a powerful blend of blemish-fighting ingredients, this serum has proven to radically minimize the appearance and occurence of skin acne whilst also tightening pores and smoothening the complexion. It brightens and evens out old scars as well for the complete acne solution to clear, renewed skin. 


Biotherm Acnopur Intensive Night Treatment
The ultimate dream of going to sleep and waking up with crystal clear skin free of any spots or blemishes is now a possibility with Biotherm's bestselling acne treatment serum. Intended for use right before you go to bed, it works while you sleep to fight acne-causing bacteria and purify facial sebum so new ones don't form. It rejuvenates skin cell metabolism at the same time so renewed skin can be observed the very next morning.

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel
Loaded with Vitamin B complex, yeast extracts and caffeine, this clear, scent-free gel soothes irritation, inhibits overactive sebaceous gland activity and purifies the skin while you sleep. It is designed to help clear skin congestion and prevent future breakouts so spots on your face are the least of your worries as you take on your day confidently. 


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