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Why bother with multiple products sporting incomprehensible lists of ingredients, which could be harmful to your health, when you can easily turn to nature for specific and targeted treatments? Masks, creams, cleansers, and lotions... all of these moisturizing products can be made from aloe vera, whose multiple benefits have long been proven.

Why Aloe Vera? 

First documented some 6,00 years ago by the Egyptians who regarded it as a sacred plant, today aloe vera is grown in warm climates all over the world, and particularly in North Africa, South America and the Mediterranean region. Its main advantage resides in its capacity to store a large amount of water in its leaves which also contain dozens of medicinal compounds with multiple properties. However, for its moisturizing properties, aloe vera gel, which is extracted from the plant's leaves using a specific technique, is the ingredient that is mainly used in the cosmetics sector.

What Are The Benefits? 

Given its high water content, aloe vera gel is renowned as a moisturizer. Better still, it hydrates the complexion without any risk of that much-dreaded shiny look that is often associated with oil-based products, and it is also long-lasting and deep penetrating. All in all, it is an ideal solution for dry and dehydrated skin.

An Additional Advantage?

Used for thousands of years for a wide variety of ailments, aloe vera has many beauty applications. Above and beyond moisturizing, aloe vera also has healing, soothing and anti-oxidant properties, which make it useful for the treatment of acne, inflamed and sensitive skin, and the effects of aging. In short, the plant offers a natural solution for virtually everyone.

How To Use It?

Today aloe vera-based products are produced by a large number of cosmetics brands. You only have to choose the product that is best adapted to your skin type and your particular needs. Aloe vera gel is notably available in the form of cleansers, lotions, creams and masks, for both the face and body. As always, you should try to choose organic products, or even better, it is also relatively easy to buy leaves or a plant from which you can prepare your own gel or juice yourself. 

Where To Find It?

If you wish to make your own gel, you can buy plants of various sizes from gardening stores and large supermarkets for only a few euros. Alternatively, ready-made aloe vera gel and aloe vera-based cosmetics at a wide variety of prices can be found in organic supermarkets and online. Don't forget to read the labels to check the aloe vera content, higher levels of aloe vera indicate that products will be more effective as moisturizers.

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