This facial is the equivalent of the much-raved Rejuran healer that has surged in popularity in Singapore

Beauty junkies would have heard of the Rejuran healer, an injectable skin healing treatment that originated from South Korea four years ago, and have garnered rave reviews since then.

Not just an anti-ageing procedure, the Rejuran healer has been hailed as a miracle worker of sorts, promising to smoothen skin, reduce pigmentation and scars, minimise pores, improve skin hydration and accelerate skin recovery. Sounds too good to be true? It is, because those who swear by the effects of Rejuran have also warned of the pain that comes with the procedure—a small price to pay for flawless skin.

But if you don’t believe in “no pain, no gain”, there is now a gentler treatment. Enter Ageless Medi-Aesthetics’ new Salmon DNA Repair Facial, a medi-facial that boasts the same benefits but with lesser discomfort.

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The Welcome

Launched just last year, Ageless Medi-Aesthetics is an expansion of Ageless Medical, offering face and body treatments that include medi-facials, IPL hair removal, and body sculpting. Conveniently located next to the clinic in Wheelock Place, the aesthetic salon adopts the same warm palette of neutrals that invites you to feel right at home.

Every facial treatment begins with a consultation before your photo is taken with the clinic’s specialised equipment for an in-depth analysis. This way, your therapist can have a better understanding of your skin and recommend the right treatments to counter your troubles.

The Treatment

So why exactly is it called a Salmon DNA Repair Facial? If you didn’t already know, one of the main components of the Rejuran healer are polydeoxyriboneucleotides (PDRN), which are basically KFDA-approved salmon sperm.

According to Dr Lam Bee Lan, director at Ageless Medical Centre and Ageless Medi-Aesthetics, salmon DNA is proven to be the most compatible with humans, and DNA from the sperm especially, has the highest level of purity.

While the Rejuran healer is injected into the dermis of the skin from 1 to 2.5mm—and can only be performed by a doctor—the Salmon DNA Repair Facial is a medi-facial treament which infuses smaller molecules of the PDRN into the superficial layer of skin via dermal stamping.

Having witnessed the weals on my colleague’s face last year from the Rejuran healer, I was originally apprehensive about the after-effects of the facial but my therapist Abby quickly put me at ease. Because the dermapen only penetrates up to 0.25mm into the skin, there is almost no downtime —but this also means that the results are less dramatic.

Dr Lam shares that it could take up to four treatments in order to achieve the miracle effects of the Rejuran healer, though you can still expect a radiant glow immediately after the facial.

After my recent weekend trip to Malaysia that triggered a breakout, I was eager to see what this treatment could do for my troubled complexion.

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The Technique

The Salmon DNA Repair Facial begins with a basic cleanse as well as microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells. Because my face was still sensitive from the city pollution, Dr Lam recommended that I opt for an OxyPeel instead, which uses a cool jet of oxygen to cleanse pores and also hydrate the skin. It was a comfortable procedure, and I could immediately feel the softness of my skin after.

Then, Abby set about to unclog my pores by gently extracting the pimples and blackheads that were plaguing my T-zone, to prepare me for the PDRN infusion therapy.

The highlight of the treatment, a PDRN-infused serum is generously applied onto my face while Abby works it into my skin with a dermapen. The micro-needling process felt like rubber bands snapping onto my skin, which was unexpectedly bearable.

Healite therapy is used after that: a yellow LED light that enhances skin healing, and a red LED light for rejuvenation.

The finishing step is a stem cell mask to soothe, moisturise, and soften my skin, while affording me some time alone to relax at the end of the treatment.

As I left the salon, it was almost hard to tell that I had my face micro-needled, aside from the redness on my breakout spots.

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The Week After

While the texture of my skin was slightly bumpy for the first few days, the results began to show as my complexion cleared up. PDRN does not help with acne, but it does help to regulate sebum production and reduce acne scarring.

The most obvious effect I observed was how my combination skin appeared more balanced—my forehead and nose were less shiny in the afternoons, when I would usually need to use oil blotting sheets or touch up my face.

I also didn’t suffer another round of breakout when I travelled again just a few days after—which would usually wreak havoc on my skin.

If this is the result of one treatment, I’m certainly curious to see what three or four treatments can do.

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