Is this skin resurfacing treatment really better than laser? We find out over the course of two weeks

While I love my lipsticks and eyeshadows as much as the other girl, I also enjoy going au naturel—more often than not out of laziness—so having great skin is especially important for me.

While my face is usually clear save for the occasional hormonal or stress-induced breakout, my oily-dry combination skin meant that I constantly had to deal with clogged and enlarged pores on my T-zone and cheeks, and my complexion tended to look dull and lacklustre if I don’t exfoliate weekly. Of course, there are also dark circles and eye bags from late nights… so when I heard of Freia Aesthetics' new Plasma Facial, I jumped on the opportunity to try it.

Touted as the fuss- and risk-free alternative to laser resurfacing treatments, the plasma facial rejuvenation is known to improve the effects of sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, visible pores, fine lines as well as improve facial contours. And with a calendar of parties and social gatherings for the festive season—including a reunion with old friends from school that I was looking forward to the most—I was definitely excited to see if Freia Aesthetics' facial could really have my skin glowing for the holidays. Read on to find out what went down.


I’m at Freia Aesthetics’ first outlet in Wisma Atria, and sipping on tea as their director Serene runs me through what the Plasma Facial is all about. Performed with NeoGen’s Nitrogen Plasma System, nitrogen gas is converted into plasma energy, which consists of positively and negatively charged ions. The energy is then transferred to the skin in consistent and controlled pulses of heat.

For the Plasma Facial, a lower energy setting is used, which helps to stimulate collagen production and promote rapid healing for photo-damaged skin. Unlike laser resurfacing treatments, there is minimal downtime and no open wounds—instead, the treated epidermis will shed only when a new, healthy layer of skin has formed underneath.

To get me started on the treatment, I am led to the treatment room by my therapist and given a relaxing welcome massage. Then, it was time for the Plasma Facial:

1st step: The Preparation

Like any other facial, the Plasma Facial begins with cleansing, using SkinCeuticals’ Gentle Cleanser Cream. The cleanse is followed by a light extraction to gently remove any traces of impurities, dirt and unclog pores. Then, a layer of numbing cream is spread over my face for about 10 minutes, to prepare it for the heat from the plasma pulses, and a moisturising sheet mask—Freia’s Oxy-Peptide Bio-Facial Mask—is applied to ensure my skin stays hydrated during the treatment.

2nd step: The Plasma Treatment

Once my face is numb and adequately hydrated, my therapist begins with the plasma treatment on the right side of my face, while the mask is kept on for the left to lock in moisture. Delivered using a three-pronged hand-piece, I can hardly feel the heat from the plasma, although there's a loud blast and a charred smell with each pulse, which can be a little unsettling at the start. 

What surprised me the most is that the plasma could also be administered on my eyelids and around my eyes, where the skin is thinnest. In fact, NeoGen delivered on high energy has the effect of blepharoplasty, which helps to gently lift your upper and lower eyelids without any surgical procedures.

3rd step: The LED Light Therapy

After the plasma treatment, SkinCeuticals’ Phyto Corrective soothing serum is applied onto the skin, followed by 15 minutes of Healite LED light therapy, using yellow light at a wavelength of 830nm to increase cellular energy production and heal the surrounding skin tissue. 

4th step: The Masque

Finally, no treatment is complete without a masque. Casmara’s Marine Algae Green Mask—a special cold mask that is six degrees lower than most cold masks—helps to calm and soothe treated skin, with additional benefits of moisturising, oxygenating, and firming. After 20 minutes, the mask is peeled off and a toner, serum and moisturiser are applied.

What is immediately obvious after the 90-minute treatment is how much fairer and softer my complexion looks. It will take a few days before I can see actual results though, which Serene shares can take three to four days depending on each individual. Once the new layer of skin is fully formed, it will surface to reveal a healthier, glowing complexion.


My skin is looking a little dull and dry today, which is part of the skin resurfacing process. There is no special aftercare instruction for the Plasma Facial, although my therapist advised against using retinol or acid peels for the week and to ensure my face is sufficiently moisturised. I kept it hydrated with sufficient doses of hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and ceramide.


My skin continues to be on the drier side today, which made my blackheads especially obvious. I took the liberty of extracting them myself, to help unclog my pores. I continued with my routine of hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and ceramide to keep my skin moisturised.


Today is the day of T.Dining’s Best Restaurants 2019/20 Awards, and as I tried to quickly slap my makeup on, I realised how much easier my cushion foundation adhered to my skin. I was done with my makeup in just 10 minutes, and it lasted through the night with minimal touch-ups. I hadn’t noticed that my skin was glowing until I was home and thoroughly removed my makeup.


I realised that the pores on my nose—which are normally enlarged—were a lot less noticeable today, though there is still some dryness on the nose wings. The rest of my face, however, looked radiant and rejuvenated.


It’s the day of my secondary school reunion, and I’m excited to meet with a group of close friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Since it was an informal occasion, I kept my makeup light for the day—after all, good skin is the best look anyone can have—and I’m happy to report that I got several compliments for my good complexion.

DAY 15

The Plasma Facial is supposed to improve your skin over time, so I was eager to check back on my skin’s progress after two weeks. I didn’t notice any dramatic changes, but while my pores were still noticeable, I found that they appeared smaller than before. And while my dark circles remain, my eye bags are less obvious now, combined with sufficient sleep. Perhaps a high energy plasma treatment is next on my list.

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