Kick your Borneo-inspired beauty routine into gear this Malaysia Day with these clean beauty and lifestyle brands

Aro Sarawak

Count on Aro Sarawak for organic beauty and bath products with a uniquely Bornean flair. The cleansing ARO rice face scrub made from Borneo Highland Bario rice is one example. The ARO day and night cream are a favourite skincare combo for fans of the brand, while zero-waste warriors will also appreciate Aro Sarawak's container-free soap shampoo bars, available in scents of Tea Tree, Orchid, Grapefruit or Clary Sage. 

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Native Skincare

If you favour clean skincare with a 'less is more' philosophy, Native Skincare should be on your list of beauty picks this month. From multipurpose body cleansers and to natural balms, soaps and scrubs, this underrated Borneo brand is the perfect place for gorgeous spa-inspired gifts to treat yourself or your loved ones. Native Skincare's collection is available on Unplug.     

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Did you know that the word 'olumes' means 'beautiful' in the Kadazan-Dusun language? Born to harness the naturally skin-strengthening ingredients of the Borneon rainforest, Olumes unlocks timeless Kadazan-Dusun beauty secrets using modern-day techniques. The result is a range of fragrance-free ethical skincare range designed to give your skin its radiant natural shine.

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Have you heard of Sluvi's lemon coffee body scrub or rice face mask? This social enterprise was started by entrepreneur Sulie Abell, who sought a home remedy for her chronic eczema using ingredients from her village of Melugu in Sarawak.

Abell launched her business with the resolve to engage the natural resources of bee farmers and other growers from her village, successfully raising their monthly income. Don't forget to try out Sluvi's Stingless Bee face and body soap: another fan favourite.

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This Kuching-based wellness and beauty platform doesn't merely showcase its delightful range of plant-based essential oils. It's also an online marketplace for skincare and bath wares from other East Malaysian makers, including Aro Sarawak, Sluvi, Moonchild Borneo, and many more.

Look to Miracolo's locally curated selection of clean beauty products that are available with nationwide shipping. 

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