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Let’s face it—we all struggle with the city’s urban pollution and notoriously humid climate. While there are countless global beauty brands to choose from when it comes to achieving that much-coveted flawless complexion, it’s easy to overlook the homegrown brands that strive to offer natural, high-quality beauty solutions to help us get through Hong Kong's challenging weather. Here, we’ve rounded up five of the best, most popular local-based beauty brands, and all the must-try products to up your skincare game this season:

1. Coconut Matter

Sustainability, organic products and a back-to-basics approach are at the heart of Coconut Matter. Founded by Diane Tan Van Zwanenberg in 2015, the brand is famous for harnessing the moisturizing, detoxifying powers of coconuts in their all-natural line.

Housed in zero-waste biodegradable packaging, all the products are crafted with coconuts responsibly sourced from the Solomon Islands to treat your skin and the environment kindly. Whether it's the ever-popular natural deodorants, hydrating lipsticks or body balms, every product by Coconut Matter is worth having to give your beauty routine a spring clean and make it eco-friendlier.

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2. Rare SkinFuel

Rare SkinFuel is local beauty label launched by Generation T Lister Danny Yeung’s significant other, Michelle Chan, who upholds the philosophy of “true confidence comes from bare beauty”, striving to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty.

The brand features an extensive range of quality Australian-made skincare products, including detoxifying clay mask, eye and lip illumination serum, and cream cleanser to name a few. Using only the finest, nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from the unspoiled environment of Australia, Rare SkinFuel's range is guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin and restore its natural glow swiftly.

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3. Bathe to Basics

Bathe to Basics is considered one of the city’s very first pioneers in clean beauty, which offers a plethora of quality handmade organic skincare products in addition to its bath and body line.

While the brand’s Basic Shampoo Mild has a been a firm favourite amongst beauty aficionados, it’s worth checking out their Basic Face Wash and Basic Facial Oils. Untouched by chemicals and synthetic fragrances, the all-natural skincare range is safe for sensitive skin types and perfect for all sorts of skin issues.

Don’t forget to visit Bathe to Basics' highly Instagrammable boutique located in design hub PMQ, too. The entire space is decked out in earthy tones with lush greenery and gorgeous soft lighting, where you can shop your favourite products in style. This is a boutique you and your 'gram do not want to miss.

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4. Purearth

The lawyer-turned social entrepreneur—Kavita Khosa—is the brains behind the chemical-free, ethical skincare and wellness brand, Purearth. With over 8 years of experience in the beauty game, Khosa not only specialises in natural and clean beauty products that adhere to her holistic Ayurvedic approach, but also commits to working with women self-help groups in the Himalayas.

At Purearth, you’ll find everything you need to achieve beautiful, clear skin—think wild face creams, oils, masks, serums, body mists and even a detoxifying natural tea line—all of which showcase nature’s most potent and effective ingredients.

Their award-winning Mitti Raw Honey Masque is a must-try item for an effective brightening and nourishing facial treatment. To elevate your skincare regimen, look no further than the signature Wild Rose and Seabuck Face Cream and Rosehip Supercritical Face Oil. Both products will help diminish the appearance of dry lines, keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

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5. I Never Use Foundation Breakfast Club

With a strong focus on plant-based and effective formulas that specially designed for Asian users living in humid climates, I Never Use Foundation (INUF) is a homegrown eco-conscious beauty brand which has earned a reputation for excellence since its debut in 2014.

Their beautiful range of skincare products is free from toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Do good while looking good, the brand also actively encourages the customers to take part in its recycling scheme, returning empty INUF containers to gain rewards and to make our environment a cleaner, eco-friendlier place. 

Their hero products are undoubtedly the Hydration B5 Balancing Serum and Ceramides Extreme Repair face cream, where both items promise an instant boost of hydration to give the skin a radiant glow. Want to build a more effective skincare routine with products that match your very own skin type well? INUF has categorised their products according to eight main skin types, so you can feed your skin the very best.

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