Chanel's latest solution to sensitive skin is deliberately made with only 10 ingredients to keep things simple and pure so your complexion reflects exactly that too. 


Maintaining good skin is hard enough for the average woman but if you have sensitive skin? Best of luck!

That bit of luck now comes in a sleek white bottle capped off elegantly with a black cap. 

We’re looking at Chanel’s new solution for sensitive skin, its new La Solution 10, named so because it is deliberately made with only 10 ingredients to keep things simple and pure so your complexion reflects exactly that too. 

Skeptical about what 10 ingredients can do for you? Let us give you 10 reasons why you should squash those doubts. 

20 years of research 


The formula is a result of 20 years of research on what makes healthy skin, healthy. Turns out sensitive skin is caused by oxidative stress, damaged skin barrier and keratinocyte stress that lead to overproduction of neurotophic factors that stimulate nerve fibres. The result: skin that gets irritated easily. 

Simple solution 

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Now there can be many ways to combat that but Chanel is looking at the basics – it chooses to address sensitive skin with as little chemicals as possible, choosing only the best 10 – no more, no less – to soothe and defend.

Truly pure


What are the 10 you ask? Water, vegetal squalane, soft powder, glycerin, silver needle tea extract, shea butter extract, emollient, emulsifier, humectant and preservative. They are also alcohol-, fragrance-, and oil-free as well as non-comedogenic, anti-pollution and dermatologist-tested.

Minimal input, maximum output

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Ten ingredients may not sound like a lot but it’s all you need. The La Solution 10 protects your skin against every aggressor imaginable, including pollution, climatic conditions, and non-invasive aesthetical procedures. 

Silver Needle Tea extract 


At the core of its potency is the extract of the most precious white tea: silver needle. The leaf buds are gathered by hand for 10 days before being dried to produce an active ingredient rich in theanine and polyphenols.

The sensitive skin combat trifecta

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This extract is sensitive skin’s best friend if we may say so. It soothes the skin by regulating it so it’s less easily irritated, destresses it by blocking out free radicals and defends it via further reinforcement of the skin barrier function.

 Soothed and comfortable skin 

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With every use, it reduces dryness and that tight stinging sensation you would identify with if you have sensitive skin. It also reduces redness and roughness by restoring balance to the skin. 

Proven effectiveness 

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This isn’t just a claim – it has in fact been proven in a test on 185 women with varying degrees of skin sensitivity. Reports showed that skin’s moisture levels increased by 54% just 30 minutes after applying La Solution 10.

Lasting results

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This isn’t just a temporary effect either – the effect has been proven to last throughout the day, lasting up to 12 hours.

 Bottled beauty


On top of being effective in formula, it helps that it is pretty in packaging too, bottled in a sleek white flask that really personifies the simplicity of the cream. That’s everything we can ask for in a cream.

(Source: Chanel) 

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