Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Hong Kong’s first and largest charitable organisation, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) was founded in 1870

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It began with Tung Wah Hospital, which offered Chinese medicine and a range of free services to the local community, such as medication, education and aid to victims of natural disasters.

Now the group has more than 300 service centres, including five hospitals, 30 Chinese and Western treatment and health centres, 55 education units and 229 community service centres. These units provide rehabilitation and community services for families, young people and the elderly.

The group also focuses on cultural and heritage preservation through its records and heritage service units. The group is also a dedicated green organisation and is constantly working to improve its environmental credentials and promote similar behaviour across Hong Kong.

The group runs a variety of fundraising events, including the Charity Cantonese Opera, which has been run since 1995; the annual Flag Day; a charity golf tournament at Mission Hills Golf Club in Shenzhen; and the annual Charity Gala TV Show, Charity Dinner and Challenge Race. Several prominent Hongkongers support the charity: Philip Ma is currently its fourth vice chairman and Orlando Ho, Derrick Fung and Crystal Choi are all directors. 

How To Help?

Make a one-off donation, join the Friends of Tung Wah monthly donation scheme, or attend one of the group’s fundraising events. All donations are guaranteed to go directly to the group’s services.

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