Project C: Change

Raising awareness about environmental issues such as climate change and conservation

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Founded by award-winning TV producer Sean Lee-Davies in 2010, Project C:Change is a social enterprise and media platform that raises awareness about environmental issues such as climate change and conservation, and empowers local communities to protect their own natural resources

The platform engages media outlets and celebrities to spread its message; actors and models involved with the organisation include Jennifer Tse and Jocelyn Luko. The social enterprise also frequently runs fundraisers, from mountain climbs and walks to gala dinners and art exhibitions, donating the proceeds to environmental charities such as the Nature Conservancy, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation and the Big Life Foundation.

Lee-Davies has contributed his own work to the cause, including the breathtaking Love is Wild photography collection and the 2016 TV series Adventures to the Edge 2, which put the spotlight on endangered species across Asia.

The organisation’s website is a valuable resource for news and research related to environmental issues, highlighting other organisations worthy of help, such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Adopt an Elephant Orphan programme in Kenya. 

How To Help?

Join one of Project C:Change’s many fundraisers or other events.

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