Hong Kong Aids Foundation

Established in 1991, the Hong Kong Aids Foundation is a non-governmental social service organisation dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV through public education and supporting those living with the condition

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The Hong Kong Aids Foundation provides resources ranging from counselling and support groups to financial assistance for the needy.

The organisation promotes public awareness through exhibitions, seminars and free HIV testing, focusing particular attention on schools, ethnic minorities and the gay community. Led by chairman Che-hung Leong, the organisation has also supported Aids prevention organisations in Mainland China, opening a collaboration centre in Beijing in 2007, as well as others around the world. 

How To Help?

Make a one-off or monthly donation; place a donation box at your office or send part of the proceeds of the products you sell to the organisation; join one of the organisation’s events; or volunteer your time to help with services such as publicity, fundraising and staffing the helpline.