Gosset Celebris Rosé Extra Brut 2008

The oldest wine maison in Champagne, established in 1584 and now known for their prestige cuvée Celebris

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The oldest wine maison in Champagne, established in 1584, which expanded into sparkling winemaking in the 18th century.


Épernay; estate vineyards are limited, supplying their roughly 1 million bottles a year – nearly all from Grand and Premier Cru sites – relies on close grower relationships


Celebris is not just a vintage, or “photo of a specific year,” according to Chef de Cave Odilon de Varine. Celebris is “when all the traits expected for Gosset appear in a single year,” and was once the family’s private cuvée. Rosé was first made in 1998 and they’ve only made four vintages. De Varine prefers blending to saignée, which he feels is too blunt a tool. In his rosé, the 8 per cent red wine aims to add depth to the cuvée rather than any particular “fruity” flavours.

What else

To preserve sharpness and finesse in the classic “Gosset style,” no oak is used and MLF is usually halted.

Tasting Notes

Soft, dewy freesia florals and lemon fruit reveal a palate that is unexpectedly dense and full – almost oily, without any noticeable grip. After some time in the glass, it yields a little cream and alpine strawberry, though it stays quite reticent. Clean, purifying finish.

Try It With 

Hainan chicken rice.

When To Drink


Perfect For

Your godparent.

Tatler Tip

This wine ages remarkably; seek out bottles from the '90s for proof.


Fragrant, powerful and poised.


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