Chinese International School

All students entering CIS spend their Year 10 at Hangzhou CIS, a one-year academic and residential programme of the highest calibre in Mainland China

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Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: Primary: school-based dual-language programme in English and Putonghua. Years 7-11: IB MYP, with Year 10 in Hangzhou. Year 11: school-based programme bridging IBMYP and IB Diploma. Years 12-13: IB Diploma.

Languages: English and Putonghua

When to apply: Years 1 to 6: from September 1 to February 28, beginning one academic year before entry. Years 7-13: from September 1, beginning one academic year before entry.

Waiting list time: No waiting list available

Fees: Reception: HK$167,700 • Years 1-6: HK$222,300 • Years 7-11: HK$262,500 • Years 12-13: HK$266,100 • There is also a boarding fee for Hangzhou CIS in Year 10.

Debentures: Annual Capital Levy of HK$28,000 per student per year

Campus and facilities: The 2019 Phoenix Soaring campus redevelopment includes a new library; a 10-storey building featuring a science and technology hub that unites the sciences, design technology and visual arts around a common atrium; and a range of versatile communal spaces. Sports facilities include four gymnasiums, an outdoor sports field and climbing wall, and an indoor swimming pool.

Competitive advantage: The school takes a strengths-based approach and nurtures young people who excel in multiple dimensions and are motivated to give back to their communities. The school’s strengths include a stable, cohesive community with low student and faculty turnover and high alumni involvement; and flagship programmes such as the Hangzhou CIS one-year academic and residential programme in mainland China in Year 10, the China Experience Programmes in Years 7, 8 and 9, and a collaborative dual-language programme in the primary section.

Top university acceptances: CIS emphasises the importance of a good fit, and students go on to a wide range of universities, with about half going to the US, 30 per cent to the UK, 10 per cent to Canada, five per cent staying in Hong Kong and a handful choosing Australia or other European or Asian countries.

Chinese International School, 1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill,

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