Chartogne-Taillet Les Barres 2015

Single-vineyard specialist grower with some of the region’s last un-grafted vines

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Single-vineyard specialist grower founded in 1920 with some of the few un-grafted vines left in the region


Merfy, Montagne de Reims; nearly 12ha estate vines


Made from un-grafted Pinot Meunier vines, Les Barres was the first of Chartogne-Taillet's single-vineyard champagnes, first made in 2006 after Alexandre Chartogne returned to the estate from working with Anselme Selosse. Deep, sandy soils allow the vines to resist phylloxera. The wines are vinified in oak barrels and not topped up, creating a less overtly fruity, darker-toned style.

Tasting Notes

Roasted chestnut, potpourri, yellow fig and baked apple comprise the nose. The palate is concentrated and bold with layers of musk and fur but with a fine acidic line and beautiful texture, with just enough slip over a base of tactile phenolics. Tantalising marron glacé finish.

Try It With 

Chicken dishes, particularly salt-baked or smoked.

When To Drink

Main Course

Perfect For

Your champagne buff friend.

Tatler Tip

Check out their interactive, deeply soothing and visually immersive website that allows you to explore each plot in detail.


Indulgent, concentrated meunier.


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