Bollinger PNVZ16 NV

The house famous for its rich, oxidative style and its pioneering use of long lees ageing is the favourite of 007 (evidently Mr. Bond knows his bubbles)

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Founded in 1829, the second-largest independent house is still run exclusively by Bollinger family members.


Aÿ, Vallée de la Marne; 178ha of their own vineyards (mainly pinot noir) provide more than half of their fruit needs; many key sites are around Aÿ, but this wine comes principally from Verzenay Grand Cru.


Bollinger is famous for its rich, oxidative, pinot-driven style, but in recent years it has slimmed down and brightened up. PN is a new cuvée (16 is the second release) and represents a new era at Bollnger: its vibrant, structured fruit expresses the warmth and mineral crunch of a specific terroir while 10+ year old reserves bring added depth.

What else

Barrels are so critical to Bollinger’s style that they have Champagne’s last remaining in-house cooper. The Grande Année 2012 is exemplary of the “new Bollinger,” polished and vibrant but still generous. The Special Cuvée NV lives up to its name: reserve wines mature in magnums and comprise 60% or more of the blend.

Tasting Notes

A zephyr of smoke, vinous raspberries and golden cherries, ginger biscuits and marzipan swaddles the nose. Quite a chewy, textural front palate gradually loosens up to reveal a very full, juicy middle packed with fruit that never really firms up again on the finish but keeps expanding, eventually yielding to a dried mushroom savouriness but with no additional phenolics. A subtle through-line of acidity supports the weight.

Try It With 

Nutty, earthy stews and noodle dishes.

When To Drink

After meal.

Perfect For

Your competitive colleague.


Structured, dense and vinous.


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