André Clouet Rose No. 3 Brut NV

Pinot noir specialists since 1741, with a flair for rich, mature blends and an early 20th Century design sensibility

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An erstwhile grower (since 1741) that abandoned the RM path to expand the business and allow them to exchange fruit with other growers and major proponents of 100% pinot noir champagnes.


Bouzy, Montagne de Reims; 9ha of estate vines in the mid-slopes of Grand Crus Bouzy + Ambonnay.


This soulful, hand-crafted rosé is made exclusively of Grand Cru pinot noir, half of which comes from a solera of 10 vintages, 35% from vintage 2011 and 15% 2012 Bouzy Rouge.

What else

Try their “Un jour de 1911” for a luxurious re-imagining of “Golden Age” champagne. The Clouet family’s history as printers to the king dates to 1491; current Chef de Cave Jean-François Clouet’s great-grandfather designed the labels in 1911.

Tasting Notes

An alluring mix of milk tea, white roses and dewy red plums greets the nose. The palate is base note-driven and redolent of red pinot noir, with a supple, chewy texture, medium acidity and layers of dark fruit, sousbois and aromatic resins. Acidity isn’t as soft as it first appears.

Try It With

Rich dry noodle dishes with meaty flavours e.g. soondaebokkum, char kway teow.

When To Drink

Main Course

Perfect For

Your friend who collects vintage posters.

Tatler Tip

The gorgeous Belle Époque-style label, stylised portrait on the cap and lilac cage are all stylish enough to keep.


Flavourful, sensuous rosé.



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