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While Hong Kong has no shortage of elite eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, it can feel impossible to find the perfect match amidst all the noise. Luckily, things have evolved far beyond swipes, bumbles and bagels. These highly exclusive apps are designed to help us find some good old summer lovin’, without lowering our standards. Here’s what you need in your arsenal:

1. For future Tiger Moms: The League

Forget Harvard, you can tell mom this app has an even longer waitlist. If you jetset between Hong Kong and the US, you’ll want to get drafted to The League. At the moment it’s only available in the US, UK and Canada but you can start reserving your place now to be part of Hong Kong's founding class.

The League’s “admissions-based model” means potential members are screened based on professional history and education to ensure the community is made of only high-achieving and influential individuals.

If you make the cut, you’ll receive a letter of acceptance once you’re in. The League is also known for hosting swanky soirees in places like the Hamptons and Paris to give members a chance to mix and mingle in person.

The League is available on iTunes and Google Play for free, find out more on

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2. For the ultra, ultra-exclusive: Raya

This app isn’t being called Illuminati Tinder for no reason. Sure, you could be matched with Alexander Wang or Cara Delevingne but you could also be kicked off for taking a screenshot of said match. Raya’s founder calls his app the Soho House of online dating: anyone you meet on Raya could change your life.

By being invitation-only, Raya operates much more like a secret society than your average dating app. To join, members must be invited or referred, have a healthy Instagram following, create an introduction video of themselves, and answer an essay question. Once in, a number of rules apply (and are strictly enforced) but the dividends should pay off nicely if you score a date with Diplo or Demi Lovato.
Learn more about Raya on

3. For the match-seeking millionaires: Luxy

Let’s be honest, dating for elites isn’t always easy and the world of swiping right can be exhausting to navigate. With a tagline like, “Tinder minus the poor people”, Luxy seeks to cut to the chase so members can expect a level of financially-suitable matches you can’t get anywhere else.

The app income verifies members via tax return to maintain only the cream of the crop, which includes society’s most successful and attractive CEOs, lawyers, doctors, athletes and investors.

In case you’re in doubt, the app also says that one out of every two members is worth over US$500,000, and 41% of members boast a wealth of US$1m-plus. Sure money can’t buy love, but perhaps Luxy can help you find it.
Luxy is available on iTunes and Google Play for free. Learn more about Luxy on

4. For the modern aristocrat: Sparkology

Money, education and status are important but what about real connection? Sparkology prides itself on attracting quality individuals for meaningful interactions, not one-night stands or booty calls.

To keep the community well-curated, members must be invited or referred to get in and the app’s concierge service does away with annoying personality tests or online profiles, catering to the lifestyle of the active, modern individual on the go.

Women weary of online dating will love that Sparkology requires men to verify their education background and use their virtual currency to initiate conversation, weeding out any unqualified or disingenuine matches.
Sparkology is available on iTunes and Google Play for free. Learn more about Sparkology on

5. For the real-seekers: The Inner Circle

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a WhatsApp double tick without any reply. If you hate the digital aspect of dating, you'll want to make your way into The Inner Circle. The concept is to gather vibrant, like-minded singles at members-only events where authentic connections can be made.

The Inner Circle allows you to get to know matches organically by enabling you to find other members based on your favourite hang out spots or shared interests. Their events range from private and exclusive to larger, more casual gatherings with other members so you can start there instead of stressing over how to design the perfect first date.
The Inner Circle is available on iTunes and Google for free. To learn more about The Inner Circle, visit

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