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The company’s founder and CEO, and Coinbase’s lead tech, appeared on the third episode of the new, weekly online talk show that invites visionaries and leaders in their respective fields to share their thoughts on NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrency, and how they are reshaping the luxury sector

The third episode of Tatler TV: Meta Versed was hosted on April 7 and featured Andrew Choi, founder and CEO of Zipcy SuperNormal NFTs and the tech lead of digital currency platform Coinbase. Choi spoke to Tatler Hong Kong’s editor-in-chief and editorial director Jacqueline Tsang about how NFTs are reshaping the way we live.

If you missed the second episode, you can now watch it here.

The world of NFTs and blockchain technology moves at lightning pace, and it can often feel hard to keep up. You might be a Jedi master of the Metaverse today and fall completely behind the next day. In times like these, calling on experts in the industry to break things down into digestible nuggets of information can make all the difference.

Incredibly, some Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs can cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars. But what makes them such status symbols?  Well, as Choi says, it all comes down to our perception of luxury and of value.

In Choi’s case, the value of Zipcy SuperNormal NFTs lies in their intricacy and emotional connection. Created by 29-year-old South Korean illustrator Yang Se Eun, the intricately drawn avatars have fast become some of the hottest NFTs on the market, capturing the hearts of thousands. “The art massively resonates with women and men in the NFT world,” said Choi. “They appreciate how personal and real the art feels compared to the vast majority of PFP [profile picture] projects that are merely animations of things and aren’t personal. Zipcy captures emotion in her digital paintings.” Today, PFPs are some of the most popular types of NFTs, with notable  examples including CryptoPunks and the Bored Apes Yacht Club PFP projects, which rose to fame thanks to support from celebrities like Justin Bieber, Eminem and Snoop Dogg.


Yang and Choi met on social audio app Clubhouse at the start of the pandemic and bonded over their love for the Metaverse and their Korean heritage. With the demand for NFTs on the rise, and the diversity, equity and inclusion NFTs were offering underrepresented artists, Choi saw a golden opportunity to collaborate. “We’re vastly proud of what SuperNormal has produced because it stands out against the ordinary. When you have this level of detail and granularity in the artwork, it’s so hard to choose just one [favourite],” he said.

Zipcy herself appeared on screen in a special video recorded for Tatler where she spoke of her sources of inspiration, what her success has meant for Asian female artists, and how SuperNormal NFTs explore race, genders, styles and the nuances of what it means to be extraordinary.

Afterwards, SuperNormal arranged for a limited-edition voxelated Porsche NFT, that can be used as a rideable in Zipcy’s Metaverse, to be minted and transferred to 50 lucky viewers. Needless to say, the chat box erupted.

During the interview, one thing remained clear: for Zipcy and Choi, community lies at the heart of what they do. Choi said: “3D virtual worlds where people all over the world can socialise anywhere in real time is the future.” SuperNormal is moving full steam ahead in this space with phygital partnerships, Zipcy’s Metaverse and even a SuperNormal fashion game. “We hope to host VIP member events, host gala dinners and in our fashion world, even have runway shows with major fashion brands,” he added.

Tsang and Choi also discussed Choi’s take on the benefits of virtual currencies, his thoughts on the regulation of the NFT industry, and his advice to people starting out in this space. “I urge you to get up to speed on Ethereum and smart contracts. Listen to podcasts and leaders in the industry like [Canadian-Russian programmer and founder of Ethereum] Vitalik Buterin. Read up on crypto white papers. These are the fundamentals of blockchain. Last but not least—have a long-term vision. The crypto market is extremely volatile, so you need to be sure it’s the right place for you”.

If you missed the episode, you can now watch it here.


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