Cover Cycling with Zwift

In the metaverse, you can jab, cross, and omm your way to fitness. And you might even just be a few steps away from being a crypto-millionaire

Getting that motivation to kickstart a workout can be quite gnarly, but now that we live in a Web3 world, all it takes is to roll out of bed and pop on that VR headset to transport yourself into a virtual gym in the metaverse.

Not to be mistaken for a virtual game, the metaverse is an integrated network of virtual worlds, a place for social connection where we live in parallel to our real lives. Aside from browsers and apps, the metaverse can be enjoyed with augmented and virtual reality technology to enhance the three-dimensional space with immersive experiences.

Web3 has gamified experiences, including exercise—encouraging users to stay active by tracking and encouraging exercise with rewards of cryptocurrency or NFTs in what is known as the “move-to-earn” concept. It may sound very Black Mirror-esque, but it’s more similar to the likes of those insurance wellness programs. From yoga to boxing, here are a variety of exercises you engage in in the metaverse without leaving the comfort of your bedroom:

1. Cycling

You don’t need Peloton for a virtual ride off into the Alps with training app Zwift. Take your wheels into the metaverse by simply clipping your bike onto their smart trainer device which comes with dynamic resistance control and a speed sensor to measure cadence and energy. Pedal the long-dreaded uphill climbs inside a volcano or race against other players in real time in a mock Tour de France. Unlock new routes with more distances covered and try out different virtual worlds as you level up in the challenges. Customise your virtual bike frames and wheels to accelerate your in-game speed—just as they would IRL. You can even join the elite Rapha Cycling Club within the Zwift worlds for weekly hosted group rides together.


Jump out of those YouTube HIIT videos and into FitXR’s virtual gym studio in the metaverse. Select the environment you want to work out in, from neon-lit fitness studios to beach resorts. Led by world-class fitness instructions, relive your Dance Dance Revolution days or box and HIIT it with motivating workouts released daily. With energetic instructors and a banging playlist, compete against friends and family and take on the leaderboard. Guided by voice or a virtual avatar, the classes are welcoming but pushy enough to motivate you to get your sweat on.

3. Bootcamp

You no longer need to fly to London for a Trib3 workout anymore as Hong Kong-based digital health and fitness company OliveX is bringing the trendy boutique fitness studio into the metaverse. Step into their Sandbox space for virtual HIIT workouts and group classes. TRIB3 will be hosting events and challenges, which will all be brought to life in the Fitness Metaverse. Earn Trib3 sweat points and convert them into DOSE tokens to spend in the metaverse. Work your way up the ranks and become a Legend after 1,000 classes. If interested, you can also become a physical franchise owner of Trib3 and pay using cryptocurrency.

4. Running

If only we could have a dollar for every step we take. Well, now we can. The Australian-founded blockchain-based fitness app Stepn (which had just moved its headquarters to Hong Kong) enables runners to earn GST (Green Satoshi Token) or GMT (Green Metaverse Token) for exercise done with Stepn.

The app tracks movement and step count with GPS to accrue points. Users first need to buy a pair of Stepn NFT sneakers, where each represents different activity levels and their crypto payout rates. You can embellish and upgrade your sneakers to earn better rewards and even rent your NFT to other players for passive income. The more you move, the more you earn.


5. Boxing

Fan of the Les Mills Bodycombat classes? Instead of racing for a spot in class, join the Les Mills VR  bodycombat class in the metaverse by popping on your virtual reality headset and invisible boxing gloves for those jab, hook, and uppercuts.

The challenges are set against intergalactic deserts and neo-city skylines, where players can earn points based on technique and effort. Led by renowned Les Mills trainers Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen, the martial arts workout is paired with a gaming experience to challenge players across a variety of levels to power them through the workout.



6. Yoga

Immerse yourself in Alo Yoga’s sanctuary on Roblox. Head to their virtual island for a peaceful retreat for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice. Pick up a digital Warrior yoga mat and follow some moves from Kirat Randhawa and access other on-demand yoga content from the Alo Moves fitness platform. Experiment with seven poses for you and your avatar to try out.

Afterwards, head to the meditation space above the serene waters to practice deep breathing exercises against meditative and soothing sound baths. Alo will also be donating to mental health initiatives for every user that completes mindful movement quests. Be sure to pop into the Alo Store and reward your avatar with some cute Alo gear to flaunt in the metaverse.

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