First up, it's more than just a TV

Samsung has been breaking the rules of technology of late—the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s bendable screen made it possible to carry a tablet in your pocket. It has also launched The Wall: a next-generation modular, micro-LED display for the home, that gives a spectacular viewing experience.

We speak to Andy Kennard, the founder and owner of AV Intelligence (the exclusive reseller of Samsung’s The Wall in Singapore) and Tyler Wisler, an interior designer originally from New York City, and now based in Asia, who is also the judge and mentor on design competition show, The Apartment.

What was your first impression of The Wall?

Andy Kennard (AK) I was shocked, it’s easy to be sceptical that it’s just a big TV, but when I saw it for the first time, I was blown away.

Tyler Wisler (TW) Literally an audible gasp. It is so monumental in scale it takes your breath away.

So what do you like most about The Wall? 

AK Because it’s not one single screen but multiple panels that are seamlessly stitched together, you can choose the size and even the shape of a TV that is just right for you. 6.4m x 3.2m is the maximum screen size, but it can be made in whatever shape you like—be it a normal TV-style which is a 16:9 aspect ratio, or a cinema-style which is 2.4:1, or many other shapes.

Also, thanks to the micro-LED technology, it can be left turned on all day, which means you can use it as a piece of art, and completely customisable how you would like to use it.

TW It’s the scale of a wall. It could cover the surface of an entire wall and turn it into a virtual window! The Wall makes it possible to have a television, gaming centre, or piece of art—all in one.

The Wall disappears or comes forward, when it needs to.

How do you see The Wall in a home setting?

TW Home theatres are awesome, but, quite often it is rarely used. The Wall makes it possible to have a theatre experience in more public spaces of the home because it can fully integrate into the environment.

Additionally, it can also be a "wall" in your entry foyer, welcoming your guests with art, welcoming messages and family photos. Gaming rooms and man caves will never be the same—imagine watching the game where the athletes are life-sized. When it’s not used, it can transform into an aquarium or display for your children's art, as it doesn’t ever have to be switched off.

What audio equipment would you see being paired with The Wall?

AK When you buy a Rolls Royce-quality display, it makes sense to partner it with a similar quality audio system, but there is no single answer here. Some people will want a home cinema experience, with multiple surround loudspeakers, others will want a simpler hi-fi style set-up and hide away all the loudspeakers to make your room design as clean as possible.

Is this the screen of the future?

TW This is the catalyst for interior designers to let their imaginations run wild!

AK Yes, except that now it’s the screen of today.

AV Intelligence (#01-71 Millenia Walk) is the exclusive reseller of Samsung’s The Wall in Singapore.