Cover Nadine Lustre is the First Celebrity in the Philippines to Launch Rare Audio NFT Collectibles

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the latest frontiers in cryptocurrency gold. They’re a purely digital phenomenon—a technology that allows people to trade intangible fragments of the internet as if they were physical objects

At this point, no one can really stop singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress Nadine Lustre from being the superstar that she is. With a spectrum of achievements under her belt, it is no surprise that Nadine is keen on quenching her thirst for adventure. Just this year, Lustre made another impact in the local art scene after being honoured in Gen.T List 2021. Her latest endeavour involves staking out new territory in the freewheeling world of the audio NFT landscape with ENTER.AUDIO

Lustre has led the entry of ENTER.AUDIO in the Philippines; the platform democratises the creation of music and art by providing local artists with a chance to earn by investing or uploading something on the NFT platform. This venture is especially relevant during a global pandemic when many people are sheltering at home.

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What is NFT all about?

For starters, NFT or non-fungible tokens is the latest frontier in the cryptocurrency gold rush. It is a technology that allows local artists to trade intangible fragments of the internet as they would in the real world. NFT ushers in a new era of digital collectables with items that are stamped with a unique code. These items are stored on a blockchain.

NFTs allow digital collectables to be bought and sold like trading cards; this makes it useful for artists or musicians to create limited edition digital creations and trade them over a safe and secure network.

The multi-minting feature also allows artists and collectors to mint more or less 20,000 editions of NFTs in one simple transaction. Royalty splitting ensures transparency in collaborations with fellow artists and charities.

Here’s how you can own an NFT like Nadine Lustre’s audio:

  • Create a crypto wallet like MetaMask.
  • Go to to buy NFTART tokens easily with your bank card or crypto.
  • Buy NFT on / Collect, buy, and create music NFTs on ENTER.AUDIO.

For the latest news and updates on ENTER.AUDIO, follow ENTER on Instagram and Twitter at @enterNFT and #enterAudio #enterNFT #enterArt. Also, visit ENTER.ART.


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