If you held, say, a panel discussion in January 2020, and someone fell sick—the simplest and most probable solution would be to postpone it. Mainly because there was no other way to host such an event but in-person.

Fast forward two years and such “solutions” have been replaced by multiple alternatives, such as live Zoom webinars where anyone, anywhere in the world can converge on a screen and carry out those same conversations with an audience, or virtual reality experiences where interactivity comes in the most innovative, immersive ways. Think avatars gathering in a video game-like universe, or augmented reality experiences that merge digital and physical objects, where people in the flesh, on screens or as real-time projections can sit alongside each other in a real-world environment with the right tools.

This was just the case for Tatler Singapore’s panel discussion with Yusho Liu, Coinhako’s CEO and co-founder; Elroy Cheo, entrepreneur and co-founder of ARC; and Kaushik Swaminathan, senior associate at Hako Ventures, Coinhako and co-founder and CEO of Co-Museum; where a physical discussion had to quickly turn into an on-screen activation.

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Turns out, it was more than apt for us to gather on a screen, in four different windows—and four socially distanced spots across the island—to discuss the topic of the hour: “The Future of the Metaverse”.

What does the metaverse mean and what does it actually look like to these tech entrepreneurs who are shaping new ways to live, work and play? How can we not only invest but benefit from the rise of the digital economy? Is interoperability important? Will digital assets like NFTs or a Ferrari in Fortnite appreciate in value in the future?

These were just some of the questions answered in this conversation, moderated by Tatler Singapore’s deputy editor, Dana Koh.

Watch the full video and other episodes of Meta Versed TV here.


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