Both men have used their Fold for over two months, and here's their true-blue review of the smartphone

With the many Singapore Tatler soirees and events that we have, and the multiple smartphone cameras being used for photography during those parties, we realised that both Benjamin Kim and Alex Low are big—no, huge—fans of their latest tech acquisition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We got them to tell us why…

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What was your first impression of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Benjamin Kim (BK) I had just purchased the Galaxy Note 10+ not a month before when the preview of the Fold was announced. I was sceptical as I was not sure how they could manage a foldable screen that can handle multiple folding and unfolding, but decided to see it first hand as conceptually, it piqued my interest.

From the instant I held it though, I was mesmerised by it. The construction of the phone is first class. Everything about it spells premium. But what makes all the difference is the screen. It's big, bright and the colours are beautiful. So right there and then I decided to make the change... again.

Alex Low (AL) The first time I saw it, I loved the big screen that it has. It is the biggest screen in the market, and to be able to carry this in the pocket will change everything for me. When you hit a certain age, the size of the screen matters. I don’t have to squint at my screen.

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How does the Fold look and feel?

AL I love beautiful things. Fashion. Cars. And gadgets, like this. The Fold is designed well. It looks good. It is slightly heavier than most phones, but I like that it has good weight to it. It opens and closes really nicely. I even bought a Louis Vuitton bag just for this phone.

What are the different Fold functions that you like?

BK The ability to effectively multi-task is a game-changer for me. While other phones have a split-screen function, none are as easy to access as the fold. Coupled with the large display, true multitasking is no longer a concept, it's a working reality.

Then the speakers: the full functional stereo speakers also set it apart from all others. When I watch a news clip or a movie or listen to music, the Fold sounds like a full-up speaker—it’s got a good bass and a good treble. I have several other speakers around the house, but I don’t use it—they’ve been gathering dust I suppose.

With the real-estate that I now have, I can run all my daily electronic requirements out of a device that fits in my pocket. Everything hitherto has been evolutionary... this is revolutionary!

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AL I don’t need a tablet any more. I hardly use my computer. With this large screen, I can do my work on the go so easily. I have multiple CCTVs at the shop which I use to monitor my garage, and to keep an eye on my staff and make sure that everyone is safe.  

I watch a lot of shows on my phone, and I can get a good viewing experience on the go. It’s really… power.

Do you think that this is the future of smartphones?

BK Yes. Everyone is going to have a variation of the Fold in time to come, and I’m glad Samsung took the leap to be the first one. They pushed the boundaries. They take risks and then they have great successes like this one. It's a remarkable piece of technology.

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