Apple added a new 'Item Safety Alerts' feature that warns users if an unknown person has been tracking your movement

While the Apple Find My App is a pretty handy tool to help you locate misplaced devices, there is also the risk that someone might misuse it to track your movement instead. To address this concern, Apple will be introducing a new feature called 'Items Safety Alerts; that lets users know if they have a stalker.

This feature will be included ahead of the potential release of the rumoured AirTag, a small item tracker no larger than your keychain. It's supposed to offer users a convenient way to track an object, a child, or even a pet. However, there are concerns that the AirTag could be misused to stalk someone.

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The new feature is designed to counteract a scenario where a Find My App-compatible device is hidden in a pocket or bag. iOS developer Benjamin Mayo shared on Twitter that the feature is enabled by default. The alert can be turned off via the 'Me' tab, though Apple will send you a warning beforehand that disabling it would still allow a stalker to see your location and you won’t be notified.

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Above Photo: Benjamin Mayo (Twitter)

That said, this feature wouldn’t actually stop a shady character from slipping a tracking device into your bag, but at the very least it will alert you so you can take steps to search and disable the offending tracker.

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