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CES 2020 was all about AI-powered home automation and security

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Samsung Bot Chef

What’s better than a fully-equipped smart kitchen? A robot chef that cooks for you. Appearing in the form of two glossy white mechanical arms that hang from the ceiling, don’t let the simple design of Samsung’s new AI innovation fool you. The smart kitchen assistant comes programmed with a repertoire of recipes—including 35 salad recipes, which the Bot Chef demonstrated at CES—and is able to handle most kitchen tasks, like cutting food with a knife, sorting ingredients, calculations, and even reaching into the cabinet for a bottle of seasoning and putting it back.

And if there’s something it cannot do, like making coffee, the Bot Chef can learn it on the go by downloading the skill. We’re definitely excited to bring it into our kitchens.

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L’Oréal Perso

Any beauty junkie would have a vanity filled with beauty products for every skin concern and season. But what if you could condense it into a single incubator that is just 6.5 inches tall? Weighing just over a pound, L’Oréal’s Perso uses AI to dispense a unique skincare formula personalised to your skin condition as well as environmental factors that can affect your skin, like the weather, temperature, humidity and UV index.

Users can also further customise it according to their skin concerns, including the texture and hydration level that they prefer. Future plans for the system include a customised foundation as well as lipstick dispenser, powered by colour-matching technology.

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Lyf Board

In a technological landscape that is quickly evolving, it can be comforting to see something that’s simple and familiar. That is exactly what Australian startup Mystic Pants has to offer with the Lyf Board, a retro-looking smart display that acts as a dashboard for the family. Instead of sleek interfaces and a myriad of information, the board goes back to the basics with a pixelated LED display on a black background.

Like most smart displays, the Lyf Board will allow you to check your calendar, the weather, to-dos, the traffic, fitness goals and progress, play music, as well as whether your kid has arrived in school. Designed to be shared by the family, it provides personalised information based on who is in the room, using phone proximity.

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LG ThinQ Washer with AI

Are you washing your laundry right? LG’s latest intelligent washer takes the guesswork out of doing your laundry by figuring everything out for you. Equipped with an Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive, the washing machine is able to identify fabric types to select the best laundry treatment for your garments, even in a mixed load. From the wash cycle to exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener, the ThinQ can even customise motions, temperatures and times for the optimal wash.

The washer can also connect with Amazon Alexa via LG’s ThinQ app, which will notify you when you’re low on detergent or softener. In countries where Amazon Dash Replenishment is available, the app can also automatically reorder these supplies to your home when they are running low. The LG ThinQ with AI is the winner of the 2020 CES Innovation Award.

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Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

Here’s one for the shower singers—a showerhead fitted with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. A leading innovator in kitchen and bath-ware, Kohler showcased some interesting technology this year, from voice-controlled smart faucets that come with presets to a Wi-Fi-connected water purification system with leak detection.

What drew the most interest, however, is the Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, tuned by Harman Kardon to cancel out water noise so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. There is also an option to integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, enabling you to assess your other smart home devices, including Kohler Konnect’s voice-controlled products.

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Level Lock

We’ve seen our fair share of sleek and beautifully designed smart locks, but sometimes, the best things are invisible to the eye. Instead of a facial and thumbprint recognition or a touch-screen display, Level Lock hides within your existing door and lock, simply replacing the internal deadbolt with its Bluetooth-enabled and battery-operated one.

You’ll still be able to use your original keys, with the added option of locking and unlocking your door with your smartphone. You can also integrate it into your smart home system with Apple’s HomeKit, which gives you remote access to the lock and allows you to use Siri voice commands.

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Delta Dore Onsen

If you’ve ever been caught in a cold shower without warning, Delta Dore’s Onsen is the solution for that. An AI-powered hot water manager, Onsen lets you know just how much hot water is left via a sensor connected to your water heater. It is also able to learn your family’s lifestyle habits, autonomously starting up the water heater to prepare for your hot shower.

With a dedicated mobile app, you can also manually schedule hot showers and track or limit your family’s hot water consumption to save energy.

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Sunflower Labs Autonomous Security Drone

Home security was big at CES 2020, but Sunflower Labs’ three-part system definitely set itself apart from other stationary security cameras. An autonomous security drone, the Bee will automatically deploy when it senses suspicious activity on your property, capturing any unwelcome guests on video with a live stream.

When not in use, the Bee is docked in The Hive, which charges the drone, and acts as a base for the security system. Sensors installed around the property, called Sunflowers, help to detect motion and vibration, and are able to display a heat map of activity via its app in real-time. The system is able to differentiate between people, animals and cars, and will improve its response according to your daily activities over time.

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