Cover Photo: UNICEF

Donate to UNICEF's Basket of Hope campaign as a gift for your loved ones this 2020

Beyond doubt, the pandemic has altered many lives. Our recent purchases have mostly been from groceries or other stores that would provide necessities for an utterly different set-up back home. We would buy enough food to refrain from leaving our houses and unintentionally spreading the virus.

However, some people still leave their homes daily to take a trip to the store. But it's not what you think.


Some leave their homes every so often not because they are dismissive of the safety protocols but because they do not earn enough to stock their fridges with resources that would last for a week. The state of these poor families worsen as the rate of unemployment increases and the risk of acquiring the virus heightens. Apart from this, children cannot participate in online classes due to lack of e-learning resources. They are, unfortunately, unprepared for the tribulation brought about by COVID-19.

“It is important now more than ever to help these disadvantaged Filipino children. Brighter days are possible when we all pitch in. By donating to the UNICEF Basket of Hope, you are contributing to a child’s right to survive and thrive, especially in the new normal,” Oyunsaikhan Dendevnorov, UNICEF Philippines' Representative stated.

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At this time, generous donors and concerned citizens are seeking different ways to show their support but do not know where to start. Some are also deciding to donate to charities as a gift instead of sending their loved ones physical presents for special occasions. Certainly, donating to charities would be a great gift for your loved ones.

Fortunately, UNICEF has organised a new campaign that has made it easier for willing individuals to offer help to the Filipino community.

UNICEF's Basket of Hope campaign, led by UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassadors Gary Valenciano, Daphne Oseña-Paez, Anne Curtis, and their friends is organised to support disadvantaged families amidst the pandemic.

Although UNICEF had previously launched Basket of Hope during their Christmas campaign in 2019  — where they helped the most vulnerable families in the community and raised over three million to support education, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene — they seek to further provide aid to those in need. Only this time, the Basket of Hope will provide a different beneficial arrangement. 



The Basket of Hope will allow underprivileged families access to the help they need most during this time. Vaccines, education, nutrition, hygiene, and life-saving interventions are not the only benefits they will receive. Ample health supplies will also be given to health facilities near the community, proper e-learning materials will be provided for elementary students, and an improved access to immunisation will be given to children.

You are one click away from supporting the Filipino community. You can choose the cause you prefer to contribute to. Big or small, your contribution can serve as a helping hand. With your generosity, your donations will succour the Filipino community and allow them to begin the next day with renewed hope.

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