Piñatex™ is vegan non-woven textile made out from the fibres of Pineapple leaves, a flagship product created by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, under Ananas Anam Ltd, in which she is the CEO. Learn more about this new textile here:


The production of Piñatex begins in the Philippines. The leaves of locally-grown pineapples serve as the main source of fibre. The primary process also accumulates a bio-mass by-product which may be further utilized as fertilizer. These extracted fibres are not typically used by the local harvesters, allowing the whole process to have very little environmental impact.

After primary extraction, the Pineapple fibres are shipped to a textile finishing company in Spain where it is finally transformed into Piñatex. Seen above is Dr. Carmen Hijosa, creator of the textile.


Towards Fashion & Design

Piñatex has a huge potential in the world of fashion and design. It can be used to create garments, accessories, furniture, and even automobile or aeronautic provisions. Maya Saliba and Ina Koellow have designed some of the first rounds of garments and bags, respectively.

Puma and Camper have already come out with suede shoe prototypes made out of Piñatex as well. Given the burgeoning demand for sustainable materials, Piñatex seems to be a timely investment that will suit the needs of those who want to take-on this new trend. 

Currently, there are two forms of the Piñatex™ textile: Piñatex™ Original, which come in the colours Natural, Charcoal, and, Brown, and Piñatex™Oro – a metallic version currently exclusively available in Gold. The material boasts pliability, softness, and, strength. Truly a wonderful example of innovation and creativity, Piñatex sets itself apart not only as a vegan alternative to leather, but also as a model for thinking outside the box.

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