Cover Peter Cheung introduces ten Hong Kong charities to support (Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong Ballet)

Peter Cheung, Tatler Asia's regional advisor on engagement, PR and business development takes stock of ten charities that inspired him this year with their perseverance in the face of adversity

We’ve all had a tough 2020, for sure. But let’s not start feeling sorry for ourselves. Rather, we should end this year by thinking of all the positive things that so many others have done to soldier through, including charities and social enterprises that have had to cancel programmes, performances and nearly all their fundraising efforts. And yet they have faced this crisis with agility and courage. If there is one thing that they have taught me, it is that there is always hope.

So I’m dedicating this month’s Hot List to ten worthy causes that I support regularly and hope you, too, will be inspired to do the same.

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End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation

The End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF) was founded by actress Siao Fong Fong, a Hong Kong icon who became a qualified child psychologist in 1988. Tackling a difficult and often taboo subject, ECSAF engages professional psychologists to give individual counselling to victims and to help parents protect their children.

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Youth Diabetes Action

Formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Association, Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) has a simple vision that states, “No child will be held back because of diabetes.” YDA’s mission is to promote awareness and education through all of its myriad services, including important mentorship and counselling programmes.

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Hong Kong Ballet

One of Asia’s premier ballet companies, Hong Kong Ballet (HKB), has been a vibrant performing arts organisation since its inception in 1979. Septime Webre, former artistic director of The Washington Ballet, who joined HKB as artistic director in 2017, has further heightened its profile with provocative new works and an emphasis on excellence, which he has carried forward with noble spirit even through this year of disruptions.

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Design Trust

Design Trust supports creative projects that advocate for the positive role of design. Working across disciplines including graphics, media, architecture and the environment, Design Trust has played host to a number of dazzling projects, most recently the Critically Homemade initiative that invited artists to craft handheld objects in response to this year’s new realities.

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Bring Me A Book

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK) has a vision of a city where every child is read to. Since its inception in 2006, BMABHK has helped roughly 180,000 children with its teaching and training programmes and by providing quality books to libraries, which ultimately helps strengthen family and community bonds.

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The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is the top-ranked performing arts school in Asia (and seventh in the world), according to QS World University Rankings. It’s near and dear to my heart as a member of its executive committee and a long-time supporter of its ambition to reflect the cultural diversity of Hong Kong, with emphasis on both Chinese and western traditions. Donations are used for scholarships and also to support capital projects, overseas study tours and other student activities.

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Asia Art Archive

Claire Hsu and Johnson Chang founded Asia Art Archive in 2000 to create an accessible library of the region’s art and art history. Hsu and her team of archivists have gathered an enormous trove of material on artists and gallery exhibitions throughout the region, making all of it available free online.

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Mother's Choice

Mother's Choice was founded in 1987 with a focus on helping single teenagers cope with unwanted pregnancies, but its services have grown over the years to include children’s homes, adoption and foster care. Just because it has been around a while, doesn’t mean it’s had an easy go at it, which is why I volunteer on marketing and communications for this worthy cause.

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First Initiative Foundation

Michelle Ong founded First Initiative Foundation (FIF) in 2010 to organise arts and educational initiatives, as well as to promote Hong Kong on the world stage. This year’s FIF gala brought a big taste of Italy to Hong Kong as community partner of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s delightful four-month exhibition, Botticelli and his Times—Masterworks from the Ufizzi.

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ChickenSoup Foundation

The ChickenSoup Foundation is a privately funded charity that offers a variety of education and empowerment services, including delivering hot meals and training for those in need. What impresses me about the foundation is how its team really cuts through the red tape in order to get things done for anyone in need.

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