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These organisations are legitimate, transparent and are all putting out urgent calls for donations in order to provide assistance to the displaced people in Ukraine

This story was first published on March 2, 2021, and updated on March 18, 2021. 

On February 24, the world watched in horror as Russia carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine following weeks of having troops camped out at the border.

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As Russian missiles hit military facilities across Ukraine, many lost their lives or were forced to flee in a desperate attempt to protect their loved ones. Many lost their homes, were separated from their families and were forced to shelter in unsafe locations with no access to food, water or money. 

As the chaos continues to unfold, humanitarian organisations around the world have banded together in an attempt to provide shelter, safety, clean water and care for the many citizens who need help.

Here in Singapore, the Red Cross as well as various local and international branches of humanitarian organisations have opened portals for donations as they urgently seek money to continue their work in Ukraine. 

If you are hoping to support Ukraine and its people, these are the places you can donate to.

1. Hotlotz

On March 27, Hotlotz will be hosting a special timed auction and donating all proceeds to the Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response.

For the auction, Hotlotz has reached out to the public to ask them to donate items such as bags, jewellery, watches, antiques, art and experiences for this auction. 

The auction catalogue will be released on March 22 and donations should come in by March 18. 

Donate here.

2. Singapore Red Cross

Amid the ongoing conflict, The Singapore Red Cross has pledged to contribute US$100,000 to support affected communities in Ukraine. 

The money will go towards providing relief supplies such as hygiene kits, family kits and household kits for the vulnerable who have been displaced by the conflict, according to the Singapore Red Cross in a media release.

“The humanitarian needs on the ground will continue to rise as the conflict intensifies. Working with our Red Cross Movement partners, we will continue to assist the affected communities, many of whom could potentially lose their homes and all their belongings,” said Mr Benjamin William, the Secretary-General and CEO of Singapore Red Cross. The public appeal will end on May 31.

Currently, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on February 28 that it would donate US$100,000 (SG$135,618) to the Singapore Red Cross to help Ukraine. 

The Singapore Red Cross has also activated its “Restoring Family Links” (RFL) service to assist Singapore residents who are looking to locate their family members who may have been affected by the fighting.

Donate here.

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3. Sunflower Of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is a US-based non-profit organization that is providing first aid medical tactical backpacks for paramedics and doctors in Ukraine who are at the frontline.

They are seeking donations so that they can continue supplying first aid supplies such as bandages, anti-hemorrhagic medicine and medical instruments to these medical staff.

Donate here

4. Care

International humanitarian organisation, Care, has recently set up an emergency Ukrainian Crisis Fund with the goal of being able to provide immediate support for about 4 million people in crisis.

They are urging the public to donate so that they can provide Ukrainians with water, food, supplies, hygiene kits, immediate support, aid, and cash. They are also prioritising the care of women, girls, families and the elderly.

Donate here.

5. The United Nations Children's Fund

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to protecting the lives of children around the world.

As the Ukraine situation escalates, UNICEF is stepping up its efforts to ensure that the 7.5 million children in the country have access to safe water, that they have health, hygiene and emergency education supplies and that they are given psychosocial care. 

To support their efforts, UNICEF has put out an urgent appeal for money to the public and allows for monthly or lumpsum donations on their site. 

Donate here.

6. Save The Children

Save The Children is an international organisation that was established to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities. Save The Children also provides emergency aid to children in times of natural disasters, war or conflicts. 

They are currently providing immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance to the children of Ukraine and if you would like to support their efforts, you can donate to their cause.

Donate here.

7. The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is an organisation that helps provide life-saving protection to families and individuals who have had to flee their homes due to violence, persecution, war or disaster at home. 

As the fighting in Ukraine continues to unfold, UNHCR has stepped up its operations and capacity in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries as they continue to ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.

On its donation site for Ukraine, UNHCR also has a breakdown to show donors exactly what their money can help provide. From warm fleece blankets to psychosocial support and clean water, UNHCR ensures that every cent donated is put to good use. 

Donate here.

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