Willing to feed a hungry stray in this time of need? Extend a virtual helping hand to any of these animal welfare organisations

Since the quarantine measures have been put into place, many of us pet owners have been going to great lengths to make sure our best friends’ needs are being met. One friend made a mad dash to her local grocery a day before lockdown to purchase things her dog might need. Another continues to scour social media channels in search of shops that have stocked up on a particular brand of kibble the family pet is partial to. I myself have gone the extra mile to provide for the furry friends I call my sons, pandemic or no pandemic.

In this time of crisis, animal welfare groups have been voicing out their concerns, asking for help. Many of these non-profit organisations rely on the kindness of donors and volunteers to keep their strays healthy and well-fed. While all it might take is a quick grocery run to keep our pets’ bellies full, the strays do not have such a luxury. As animal lovers, we can easily do our part from the safety of our own homes by extending a helping hand to these groups.

1. PAWS Philippines

With its shelter and vet clinic still closed in compliance with lockdown regulations, PAWS Philippines has been struggling to meet the food and medical needs of over 340 rescued animals and full-time caretakers. One can sign up on their website (paws.org.ph) to help out, where donations start at 300 pesos a month.

2. CARA Welfare Philippines

CARA’s main objective is to put an end to animal neglect and abuse. During these difficult times, the group continues to raise funds to ensure that the stray cats in Bonifacio Global City are well-fed. Though volunteers are still coming forward, any and all help is appreciated. To be of assistance, check out its fundraiser page at simplygiving.com/help-cara-continue-its-operations.

3. PETA Asia

In spite of the lockdown, this organisation is pushing on with its mission to safeguard animals. Since the start of the quarantine, over 900 kilos of food have been distributed not to just strays, but to owners who cannot afford or are having difficulty procuring food for their pets at this time. To aid in their efforts, visit secure.petaasia.com/page/23505/donate/1?ea.tracking.id=lightbox.


Rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. This is PAWSsion Project’s motto. The group has been active in this time of crisis, offering temporary employment as stray feeders to animal lovers whose livelihoods have been affected by the lockdown. Donation information is available on its Instagram page, which is regularly updated with documentations of the group’s efforts.


To date, PART is the only no-kill SEC-registered animal rescue organisation in the country. The sanctuary in Quezon is home to a wide variety of over 500 animals. As a non-profit, the organisation is currently struggling, with volunteers being forced to stay home due to quarantine. On the donor box page (donorbox.org/sharehope-2), one can donate any amount starting at 100 pesos, which will go to food and medicine not just for the animals, but poor families as well.

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