Eight changemakers come together to produce a social media campaign to raise awareness for Crib, its annual fund-raiser and its philanthropic projects

Are you a warrior or a goddess? This will be the question posed by social enterprise Crib at its annual fund-raising gala dinner, the Crib Ball. This pays tribute to Wonder Woman, the DC Comics warrior and demi-goddess character known to be a proponent of peace and advocates love for humankind. That also explains why the ball, which will be held at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel Singapore on Nov 29, has been themed “Island of Themyscira: Warriors and Goddesses”. That evening,  female trailblazers and changemakers will be recognised and celebrated for their outstanding achievements, inspiring stories, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Crib will also be raising funds to give back to society through the work of its philanthropic arm Crib Gives Back, which assists beneficiary charities that help women and children in need, and provides support for social enterprises. This year, it will partner Mister Morris Foundation, which supports a holistic social center called Anugerah on Bintan, Indonesia. It comprises an orphanage, an elderly home, a school, and a medical centre. It also funds other programs, including an education initiative, which provides scholarships for students looking to enrol in hospitality-related courses.

To raise awareness for Crib, the ball, and its philanthropic initiatives, eight women, all trailblazers in their own rights, took time off their busy schedule to do a photoshoot for a social media campaign. In line with the ball's theme, Aarika Lee, Melissa Koh, Ang Jinyuan, Tjin Lee, Anna Haotanto, Loh May-Han, Denise Keller and Cheryl Wee don beautiful ball gowns from Style Lease to portray modern-day warriors and goddesses. Singapore Tatler gets a sneak preview of the gorgeous snaps and speaks to some of these modern warrior princesses. 

Tatler Asia

Aarika Lee

Musician and founding member of Elementary Co

Empowered women... are the catalysts to a better tomorrow

Warrior or goddess? Warrior

A woman who inspires me American actress Jada Pickett 

The most important quality to possess as a modern-day goddess/warrior Empathy

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Cheryl Wee

Entrepreneur, media personality and scion to Jean Yip Group

I discovered my strengths... when I became a mum.

Warrior or Goddess? Goddess

A woman who inspires me My mum 

The important qualities to possess as a modern-day goddess/warrior Gentleness and a magnanimous heart

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Tjin Lee

Founder and managing director of Mercury Marketing & Communications

Empowered women... empower women

I discovered my strength... through failure

Warrior or Goddess? Warrior!

The most important quality to possess as a modern-day goddess/warrior Kindness

Loh May-Han

Consultant anaesthesiologist

Empowered women… have a purpose in life and lead a life with purpose. They possess discipline, perseverance, courage and industriousness to effect positive changes for what they believe in. 

Warrior or Goddess? Warrior. I will strive with all my efforts for my beliefs, values, and passions. 

The important qualities to possess as a modern-day goddess/warrior Motivation and a sense of purpose. I believe that a resolute sense of purpose coupled with steadfast motivation is of utmost importance.

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Ang Jinyuan

Founder of Style Lease

Empowered women... Are the architects of society. 

I discovered my strength through...Trials and errors.

Warrior or Goddess? Warrior
The important qualities to possess as a modern-day goddess/warrior Resilience and persistence.

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