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Underprivileged students are still grappling with the effects of distance learning, the lack of materials, and stable internet connection... how else can these children have a chance to education? Find out below how you can help through Tablets With Access:

For the past year, we began calling the situation we've been presented in two words—new normal—which applies to the rest of the world, unfailingly including those who are disadvantaged. The new set-up brought about by Covid-19 is affecting the future of children as it poses new challenges that needed to be overcome in so little time.

A Sudden Shift Online

The pandemic is affecting the future of children in poor living conditions as it derails their education. As COVID-19 started to spread worldwide last February 2020, fiscal measures had to be taken to contain it immediately. In a flash, schools in all levels were temporarily prohibited from holding classes on campus. And by two months, over 28 million students in the Philippines were forced to study from their homes.

Online learning platforms became essential. Some classes are being held on the software created by the school while others make use of existing telecommunication applications like Zoom. However, online learning can still raise problems especially for those without the right devices or internet connection.

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Lack of Learning Devices

While some can attend online classes without a fuss, others can't even begin to shift online because most of them lack learning materials or devices. How then can these students access their classes online without a laptop or tablet to use?

These virtual calls require bandwidth, storage for materials downloaded, and a properly-working camera. Which only proves yet again that a smartphone isn't enough. And in some cases, students don't even possess the latest devices available in the market.

No Internet Access

In a pandemic, a student in this kind of situation is left to choose between two things: spending on internet load or food. It's a question that can significantly affect their future. It's a question that shouldn't be asked at all.

This explains why the Department of Education encouraged the use of various learning modules to learn on their own. But at times, self-learning isn't enough when it comes to complex subjects. Guidance is what's most important.

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Students who wish to learn even amid a pandemic deserve the opportunity to get the education they long to have. Help bridge the digital divide and give children a chance to education by supporting Tablets With Access.

As of now, Tatler Philippines and Ayala Foundation, Inc have raised 585 tablets, reaching more than the initial target. However, any additional amount will be used to ensure that no child will be left behind. 

You may send in donations until 12 February 2021. Donate PHP 7000 to BPI with the Account Number 0011-1495-61 and type in 'Tatler' in the notes section. You can also send your support through GCash simply by scanning Ayala Foundation, Inc’s QR code. You can also send donations via cheque and address the payee as Ayala Foundation, Inc. You may also call Irene Martel Francisco at +639 178 579 074 or Nancy Bariring at +639 175 893 488 to have your cheque donation picked up. And don't forget to send proof of payment to

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