Non-profit organisation EcoDrive has teamed up with The New Youth Energy Think Tank in what promises to be the biggest green campaign Hong Kong has ever seen

In the lead up to May 30—Hong Kong’s first ever No Single-Use Plastic Awareness Day—EcoDrive and The New Youth Energy Think Tank have launched the “Enough Plastic” campaign in order to tackle the growing issue of single-use plastic, which plays a huge part in polluting our planet.

For the campaign, 60 local celebrities including Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen and Gigi Leung have come together to create a powerful video and series of striking photographs taken by award-winning photographer Wing Shya to encourage individuals (as well as businesses) to reduce unnecessary waste in Hong Kong.

Above Video: Courtesy of EcoDrive

The campaign will culminate on May 30 with a digital exhibition of "Enough Plastic" at Hysan Place and with a number of restaurants that have committed to reduce single-use plastics. Until then, the poignant video and campaign posters can be found in high-traffic areas throughout the city.

EcoDrive hopes to educate younger generations on the perils of plastic and encourage them to find alternative solutions. As EcoDrive co-founder Emily Lam-Ho said: “It takes 20 days to break a habit, so here’s to hoping that by the end of our campaign, you will have cut out some form of plastic.”

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