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These generous athletes have done more than inspire people through their work; they've also started foundations and centres to help those in need

Athletes are admired around the globe for their skill, dedication and charm. But some professional players seem to do more than what they're expected to do. These charitable athletes simply want to give back to the community that supports them.

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Yetunde Price Resource Center

Serena Williams will stand for what she believes is right, and that includes fighting for the right of people to flourish amidst trauma through The Yetunde Price Resource Center. Started by the Williams family, the centre collaborates with organisations to serve as an avenue for those who want to join healing-centred and trauma-informed programs in Compton, California.

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The Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Inc.

The chairman and president of this foundation is none other than Dikembe Mutombo, an NBA superstar turned distinguished spokesman. After leaving a legacy in the NBA and being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mutombo decided to start a foundation for people in the Congo. The foundation has even helped construct the Biamba Marie Mutombo hospital in Kinshasa.

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LeBron James Family Foundation

The LeBron James Family Foundation supports the children and their families in LeBron James' hometown in Akron, Ohio. Their I PROMISE Program has now changed the lives of more than 1,500 students and continue to help those in need during the pandemic.

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JJ Watt Foundation

JJ Watt, the renowned American football player, believes in providing opportunities to middle-school-aged children. These kids are supported by the JJ Watt Foundation to help them acquire after-school opportunities and learn about teamwork, leadership, accountability and perseverance in sports. There have been over USD6 million dollars funded to more than 740 schools in 39 states and DC.

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Michael Phelps Foundation

Apart from helping people live healthy and active lives, the Michael Phelps Foundation has programs that provide opportunities to children who want to participate in the sport of swimming. In 2010, they even collaborated with the Level Field Fund to create ways to fund uniquely talented swimmers who are in financial need. The foundation also brings light to mental health challenges that Olympic athletes often experience.

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