We’ve all read about the perils of climate change, but who’s actually doing anything about it? In our Green Issue, we introduce leading figures who've made saving the environment their priority, whether it’s protecting Malaysia’s endangered tigers, establishing eco-focused political parties or investing billions of dollars in clean-energy initiatives. Below, meet the Hong Kong constituents:

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Markus Shaw

Why him: Markus has dedicated his life to making Hong Kong an eco-friendly city, first as the chairman of WWF’s Hong Kong board, then as a co-founder of the NGOs Designing Hong Kong and the Clean Air Network, and more recently as chairman of the Walk DVRC project, which aims to turn traffic-choked Des Voeux Road Central into a pedestrian oasis. 

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Craig Leeson

Why him: Craig’s documentary A Plastic Ocean, hailed by David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time,” has raised awareness of the global plastic pollution crisis. 

Because of him, so many more people now understand why single-use plastics are one of the most pressing environmental matters of our time.

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Laurel Chor

Why her: With the support of the National Geographic Society, Laurel founded the Hong Kong Explorers, which aims to encourage people to explore and appreciate the city’s wilderness by compiling a database of its flora and fauna.

A National Geographic Young Explorer, she is also an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute. That's not all—she’s working with Vice News, where she produces articles and documentaries about a range of global issues.

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Douglas Woodring

Why him: A leading expert on plastic pollution, Douglas is the founder and managing director of the Ocean Recovery Alliance, which was awarded the 2018 Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy by Prince Albert II of Monaco

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Paul Zimmerman

Why him: An activist since his teenage years in the Netherlands, the Southern District councillor and co-founder of the Civic Party has long championed sustainable planning and urban renewal.

That's not all—more recently, as chairman of the Citizens Task Force on Land Resources, he has argued that Hong Kong doesn’t need large-scale reclamation or to infringe on country parks to meet its future housing needs.

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Sean Lee-Davies

Why him: Sean is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organisation called Project C:Change—with “C” standing for climate, conservation and consciousness—an environmental initiative that raises funds and awareness in Asia.

That's not all—a passionate conservationist and photographer, Sean launched Awethentic Gallery, the first art and virtual-reality concept space and studio in Hong Kong. Recent exhibitions include the multimedia show Love Is Wild, which raised funds to combat the illegal trade in wildlife.

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Christine Loh 

Why her: With roles ranging from chairperson of the Society for the Protection of the Harbour and under-secretary for the environment in former chief executive CY Leung’s administration to her current position as chief development strategist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Division of Environment and Sustainability, Christine’s commitment to a sustainable Hong Kong has remained constant for decades.

The next frontier using Hong Kong’s expertise in areas such as slope management, water management and air-quality control to benefit Mainland China.

Photo credits: Moses Ng; Raul Docasar; King Fung

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