If you're a fan of the arts, these are the charities to get involved with

1. Asia Art Archive

The Asia Art Archive was established in 2000 when co-founders Claire Hsu-Vuchot and Johnson Chang recognised the need to document Asia’s recent artistic history. It is now home to one of the most valuable collections of material on the topic, which is freely accessible to the public at the archive’s library or via its website.


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2. Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong

The Hong Kong arm of the Asian Cultural Council came into being in 1986 thanks to a group of friends who were passionate about the arts, particularly the development of the local arts scene and making the arts more accessible.

The council’s three key components are its fellowship programme, its alumni network and its strategic development arm. Fellowships are awarded to talented individuals who then benefit from funding, resources and access to the council’s extensive network of creative individuals and institutions.


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Above Désirée Jebsen (left) with Dominica Yang and Tasha Lalvani (Photo: Hong Kong Tatler)

The ACC for me is precisely what cultural exchange should be about: opening doors and building bridges. The ACC also connects with eminent individuals in all areas of the arts. I have always felt greatly inspired by the ACC alumni—amazing individuals shaping our future.—Désirée Jebsen

3. Design Trust

The Design Trust is a grant-funding platform founded in 2014 by some of the key members of Hong Kong’s design community, including Marisa Yiu and Alan Lo, and the design-focused charity Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design.

The platform has launched diverse research and design projects with a focus on Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, as well as research grants and fellowships with world-renowned institutions to support emerging designers. 


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4. First Initiative Foundation

Founded by Michelle Ong, the First Initiative Foundation is dedicated to supporting art, culture, heritage, education and mentorship in Hong Kong. 

First Initiative Foundation focuses on creating initiatives that uplift and benefit Hong Kong both locally and on the world stage. Through its multitude of activities and special events, the foundation provides educational opportunities and community outreach initiatives.


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Above Photo: Hong Kong Tatler

I'm so proud to be part of this charity. Michelle Ong is a true philanthropist who is my mentor and has taught me a lot about running a charitable foundation.—Denise Lo

5. Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is primarily a tertiary education institution that focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate education in the performing arts and entertainment, but it also conducts outreach projects in schools and community centres that enrich Hong Kong communities through the arts.

It has worked with young and elderly people, the disabled and disadvantaged, and ethnic minorities. With the goal of cultivating an appreciation of the arts from a young age, it also offers special junior programmes in music and dance.


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6. Hong Kong Ballet

The Hong Kong Ballet is a non-profit organisation that has been staging premier classical ballet performances since it was founded in 1979.

It seeks to increase audience, community and philanthropic support through a wide array of events to raise funds and increase patronage, including its annual Ballet Ball and Christmas Benefit, which are overseen by Daisy Ho, the organisation’s chairman. 


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Above Photo: Hong Kong Tatler

I love ballet because of its beauty, romance, artistry and energy, all rolled into two hours of sensory joy. But I believe ballet goes deeper than that. It has the power to touch the heart and soul of people, transforming their lives and lifting their spirit regardless of their social or economic backgrounds.—Mira Yeh

(Editor's note: This is by no means an exhaustive list of Hong Kong charities that support the arts. If you would like to have your charity featured, please send us an email.)

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