We all know plastic is bad, especially single-use plastics, but sometimes, even the facts aren’t enough to motivate us to bring our own cups, bags, straws and reusable containers. But, the latest #zerowaste campaign by NO!W No Waste might just change your mind and have you reaching for your anything-but-plastic straws. Founder Fanny Moritz, who runs the zero waste online store of reusable and sustainable products, said, "With this campaign, I wanted to focus on creating a new image for the zero waste lifestyle. Because the sustainable products are often portrayed under a moralising tone reminding us of the imperative to reduce our wastes, they are not always appealing." Instead, she’s getting our attention with hot men—models, in fact—who are stripping down for the sake of sustainability. Photographer Olivier Yoan, who also shot Jane Louey for the July 2018 issue of Hong Kong Tatler, said, “People who care about the environment are always portrayed as boring and annoying people, but it think it’s not true.” Get to know the five Hong Kong-based models who are featured in the campaign below and follow #wastefreeandsexy to see more and/or get involved:

1. Chris Peterson

2. Kam-Wai Suen

3.  Pascal Brito

4. Jeremy Louis

5. Anthony Brusq


Get involved

Follow #wastefreeandsexy to stay up-to-date with the campaign and visit NO!W No Waste to stock up on your anti-plastic essentials.

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