From challenging stereotypes to empowering women in poverty, these non-profit organisations are all about helping women in need

1. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation

The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation charity outreach programmes include funds addressing health issues such as heart disease, cancer, children’s health, dementia and otology.

Funds are raised through donations, campaigns and events, including the foundation’s signature Women of Hope fundraiser, which honours women who have championed social justice and benefits the foundation’s Cancer Fund.

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2. Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation provides an array of services to cancer patients, survivors, patients’ families and the public, running programmes from counselling and free breast screening to patient support groups and educational talks.

Its Breast Cancer Research Centre provides emotional support and lymphoedema care services to breast cancer patients, as well as conducting important research into the issue, collecting and analysing data, releasing reports and collaborating with other research agencies.

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3. Hong Kong Federation of Women

Established in 1993, the Hong Kong Federation of Women is a non-profit dedicated to bringing Hong Kong women together, protecting their rights, encouraging their interest and participation in local issues, and collaborating with similar organisations worldwide.

It has more than 2,000 individual members and more than 100,000 corporate members. The organisation runs over 100 events and service projects a year, from celebrations and exhibitions to seminars and training programmes, including pioneering projects such as the Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts Award and Hong Kong’s first all-women orchestra.

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4. Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry

The Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry was founded by Ava Kwong in 2007 with the aim of making genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer more readily available to underprivileged people, and to collect relevant data for research purposes.

While cancer registries for individual patients already existed in Asia, this was one of the first in the region to go a step further and collect data on family members as well, gaining a greater understanding of the effects of genetics.

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5. Mother's Choice

Mother’s Choice began in 1987 with two families concerned over a growing number of teen pregnancies in Hong Kong. While the organisation has swiftly expanded over the years, its aim remains the same: to support vulnerable girls and babies in Hong Kong, ensuring that every child has a permanent, loving home rather than being shuffled through the residential care system.

In addition to offering foster care to children, the organisation also offers counselling and training to girls and young women dealing with crisis pregnancies, as well as sexuality workshops for young people. Families looking to adopt a child can come to Mother’s Choice for training and education.

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6. Po Leung Kuk

Originally named the Society for the Protection of Women and Children, the Po Leung Kuk was established in the late 19th century to combat the abduction and trafficking of women and children in Hong Kong. Since then it has expanded into one of the largest charitable organisations in the city, offering social, educational, recreational and cultural services to the elderly, children and young people, and families.

The Po Leung Kuk Charity Fund for the Disadvantaged, in particular, provides financial assistance that goes towards the daily, educational and medical expenses of disadvantaged individuals and families. 


7. The Women's Foundation

The Women’s Foundation was established in 2004 to challenge gender stereotypes, increase the number of women in leadership positions and empower women in poverty to lead better lives.

The foundation’s projects for women and girls all fall under these three overarching aims, ranging from programmes inspiring underprivileged junior secondary school students to pursue STEM subjects, to financial literacy and employability training for groups of marginalised women.


8. UNICEF Hong Kong

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was founded in 1946 in New York with the mission of aiding children and mothers in developing and conflict-ridden countries. 

UNICEF Hong Kong is one of 190 chapters across the globe, and it has recently raised funds to provide relief for the Rohingya refugee crisis and the Syria crisis, among others. Miriam Yeung, Karen Mok, Aaron Kwok and Guo Jingjing are among its many ambassadors for Hong Kong and East Asia. 


9. Women Helping Women Hong Kong

Non-profit Women Helping Women Hong Kong was founded by Mahnaz Lee and Patti Ho in 2010 with the mission of eradicating violence and abuse against women and children in the city.

Women Helping Women Hong Kong has worked with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, RainLily and the Women’s Foundation to campaign against sexual violence and sexist portrayals of women in the media, and to provide tools aiding domestic violence victims, single mothers and other women in need.


(Editor's note: This is by no means an exhaustive list of Hong Kong charities that support women. If you would like to have your charity featured, please send us an email.)

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