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If you're thinking of furthering your education, Hong Kong has plenty of graduate courses on offer, but there's also a range of really unique ones you might not know about––from wine management, space science, divinity and more

Thinking of furthering your studies? Hong Kong universities are some of the best in the world, so there's no shortage of great graduate programs to choose from. But maybe you're looking for something challenging, exciting or simply new.

To make your learning more fun, we've rounded up a list of interesting and unique programs available for masters degree seekers––whether you're a space buff, wine lover, or into sustainable tourism, there's something for everyone.

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1. Space Science (University of Hong Kong)

Reach for the stars at the University of Hong Kong's graduate program on space science. Getting to know more about the wonders of the universe is always fun because there's so much to discover. Establishing a space science program in Hong Kong is a bridge between Mainland China's growth in space exploration. The university also has strong ties with leading space institutes across the region and the world.

You can choose to pursue this program either as a part-time or full-time student. The course includes an experiential lab component, held at the Micro-Satellite Research Center at Zhejiang University involving travel over two weekends. Some of the other exciting things you'll learn include high-energy astrophysics, planetary sciences, statistics, and engineering.

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2. International Wine Management (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

This Master of Science in International Wine Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University is for wine lovers. But also for those who just want to learn more about the wine industry.

The program aims to train and develop students to have a strong awareness of the latest industry trends, and to shape them to lead the wine and hospitality industry in the future. Learn about wine consumers in the Asian market especially in Mainland China, as well as different wines across the globe. Expect a lot of wine tasting.

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3. Buddhist Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Targeted at those who want to learn more about the philosophy, ethos, and culture of Buddhism, this graduate program on Buddhist Studies focuses on Mahayana Buddhism flourishing mainly in East Asia.

It is a bilingual program with some courses taught in Putonghua where you will learn about Buddhism from an Asian historical and cultural context. Aimed at nurturing Buddhist talents, you will gain knowledge through training, using different approaches including the textual, philosophical, historical and ethical studies of Buddhism. You will also develop a positive life attitude to help your overall holistic development, in line with Buddhist teachings.

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4. Divinity (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

The Master of Divinity program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong allows students to acquire a wide range of knowledge on Christianity. Through the course, you'll develop good critical thinking and self-reflection abilities which will eventually contribute to your personal holistic growth.

In the long term, you will work in leadership roles in the church, the Christian community, and society. While the focus is on Christianity and pastoral studies, there are courses where you can also learn about Taoism and Buddhism.

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5. Sustainable Tourism (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

International travel might be on pause but there's still some chance for domestic travel. And when we're travelling, we sometimes forget how to strike a balance between travel and sustainability. This is where this course comes in.

The Sustainable Tourism graduate program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is important in today's travel landscape as it not only looks at the development of the tourism industry but also how to balance tourism with environmental, resource, and sustainability issues. You will also focus on resource management and tourism and ecotourism policies in Hong Kong as well as Greater China.

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6. Apparel Technology (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

We might not think too much about the clothes we wear but there's a lot of process that goes with it. With this master's degree in Apparel Technology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, you will learn the various steps involved in apparel production including intelligent apparel manufacturing planning, sizing systems for clothing, and clothing functional design.

Since this is a Master of Philosophy degree, you are also being prepared for PhD studies in the future—where you can either have a career in academic research and teaching or to pursue a position in research and the apparel industry instead.

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7. Cultural and Heritage Tourism (Open University of Hong Kong)

This graduate program is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It will allow students to examine cultural and heritage tourism from cultural, heritage, historical, anthropological, sociological, and economic angles. Some of the courses you'll take include heritage preservation in Hong Kong, principles and practices in conservation, as well as the economies of tourism.

Over the years, many of Hong Kong's old heritage sites are being demolished. So it seems appropriate in a city like Hong Kong to have this course in order to preserve many of the city's cultural assets.

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8. Speech Language Pathology (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

This is another graduate program that's the first of its kind in the city. The masters degree in Speech Language Pathology is the first one from a recognised university that enable graduates to be qualified speech therapists. Students of this course will learn to be familiar with core concepts in communication disorders and will acquire the skills to clinically diagnose, intervene, and manage speech disorders.

You can also choose between a research stream or advanced clinical stream. Lessons are conducted through different mediums, from lectures, tutorials to e-learning platforms and clinical placements.

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9. Expressive Arts Therapy (University of Hong Kong)

Art is a form of self-expression—that's probably something we've heard before. But with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting our mental health more than ever, art is definitely one form that we can all turn to for healing.

For this graduate program—the first of its kind in the city—you will be trained as expressive arts therapy professionals in healthcare, education, and community settings. You will learn how art is used for wellness, growth, and prevention and treatment. If you're interested in various art discilplines, there's more good news—you also get to explore other art forms such as dance and drama.

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10. Work and Organisational Psychology (Lingnan University)

This first-of-its-kind psychology program in Hong Kong was established after Lingnan University noticed the lack of a practical, postgraduate program that gave professionals and psychologists the right skills and qualifications. And in a particularly job-driven society such as Hong Kong, knowledge gained from this program will definitely be vital and helpful. 

The graduate program is targeted at those who want to pursue a psychology degree, focusing on work and organisational setting and aimed at improving the well-being of an organisation and staff members. Upon completion of the degree, graduates can apply to be registered psychologists.

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