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As the age-old proverbial saying of it takes a village to raise a child goes, the new Modern Village by Trehaus aids just that, with the reality of today’s parent-professionals in mind

Scheduled to open in July 2019, the co-working space Trehaus, which has been in operation since 2016, will see their flagship space taking residence in the new integrated development, Funan. 

Named Modern Village, it is an adult co-working space, a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and family club under one roof. Their mission is to alleviate the conflict that modern-day parents face as they negotiate between their successful professional careers and little ones at home.

At the helm of it all are 2016 Generation T honouree Elaine Kim as Trehaus' co-founder and CEO, and Elizabeth Wu, an entrepreneur with a strong background in the education of all levels from early childhood to tertiary, as fellow co-founder and COO. Together, both professional female forces and mothers of three have built a future-forward community to realise work-life integration for parent professionals.

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1. The business club

Trehaus City Hall will span an impressive 12,000 square feet. The integrated space means that working parents now have the option of working in proximity with their child, with little ones dropped off in the crèche facility or in the Trehaus preschool.

2. The preschool

“Raising changemakers" and staying "ahead of change"—these are the central missions of Trehaus School. Completely new and established to reconcile the needs and requests of pre-existing clients, the inception of Trehaus School came with the realisation of the importance to keep up with today’s changing times.

“We now have jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago” states Elaine, and the school’s future-forward curriculum prepares children for just that.

With its Silicon Valley-inspired curriculum planned for children from ages two months to six years, the importance of knowledge acquisition is highlighted alongside character building as a strong foundation to navigate the future world. 

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We believe in raising children who will not just think "What do I want to be when I grow up? But ask 'What do I want to do to make the world a better place?'
Carolina Sam, Head of Trehaus School

Whether your child aspires to take on the role of an admired CEO or courageous Creative with a passion for the arts, watch them in all six roles in a curriculum that offers holistic education and starts them on their journey of self-discovery. Termed The Littles’ Programme, it is the first in Singapore and serves as Trehaus’ proprietary curriculum.

Consistently molded to suit the needs of each child, the programme had been formed after consulting Trehaus School's global advisory board, which includes Orly Friedman, who currently serves as the Head of Lower School at Khan Lab School in Silicon Valley. 

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3. The family club

As a young family, time spent together on weekends are precious, period. And Trehaus Family Club seeks to bring the family together on days as such. With a 2,000 sq ft area for play, kids can roam about and engage in creativity-sparking toys in the sandpit, glamp tents and beach caravan, while the adults catch up over healthy gourmet meals at the in-house café. If work calls, hot-desks are just one door away. Being a member also means that kids can be kept occupied at one of the various enrichment lessons, including coding and football, while folks are busy working away. 

With everything being taken care of with working parents in mind, the modern village at Trehaus brings the family unit closer together than ever before. 

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