Tunku Dato’ Seri Utama Naquiyuddin, Tunku Tan Sri Imran, and Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah, take a stroll down memory lane and discuss the benefits of studying at Malaysia’s first British-style international boarding school

No matter where you are in the world, school plays a pivotal role in an individual’s development and eventual success in life. Taking its place as one of the most prestigious international schools in the country that has offered unsurpassed quality in all educational and athletic programmes since 1991 is Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (KTJ), a British-style international boarding school founded by three members of the Negeri Sembilan Royal Family, Tunku Dato’ Seri Utama Naquiyuddin, Tunku Tan Sri Imran, and Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah.

“The idea for KTJ was based on our years attending a British boarding school. It was such a great experience which set us up for the future in terms of not just the academics but also personal development, knowledge, the ability for sports, and other interests,” Tunku Imran revealed.

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The founding building
Above The founding building. (Photo: KTJ)

“Our boarding school, The King’s School in Canterbury, is the oldest school in England and for so many centuries, Canterbury was really like the centre of England, so rich in history. We wanted KTJ to be a beacon with its own history and heritage too,” Tunku Naquiyuddin shared.

The siblings’ great-great-grandfather, Tuanku Sir Muhammad Shah Tuanku Antah, was the first ruler in Malaya to advocate education for girls while their father, Tuanku Ja’afar Tuanku Abdul Rahman, was Head Boy at the Malay College of Kuala Kangsar. Suffice to say, education has always been in their family’s legacy and history which is why he sent his three children to a boarding school at ages seven, eight and nine.

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Above Tuanku Ja'afar opening the KTJ herb garden. (Photo: KTJ)

“The opportunity to establish KTJ came when our father wanted to develop a rubber estate along the North-South trunk road into an upmarket residential area and a golf course. We approached him and asked for some land to build a boarding school. No other school in Malaysia has this expanse of land or greens,” Tunku Imran said.

“At the time, there was a shortage of boarding schools, especially a British-style boarding school, in Malaysia and there was a limited number of Malaysians who could enrol in international schools. KTJ was also registered as a non-profit organisation so all proceeds are channelled back into the school,” Tunku Dara Naquiah added.

Spread across 80 acres of beautiful Malaysian countryside, the sprawling campus boasts an excellent range of world-class academic, sports and boarding facilities to accommodate its students. Coupled with dedicated and internationally-trained teachers, an exceptional syllabus, and professional development activities, KTJ is committed to promoting the holistic growth of each student, guided by its Vision 2030 to create future-ready, global citizens.

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Students enjoy a safe and serene environment on campus
Above Students enjoy a safe and serene environment on campus. (Photo: KTJ)

The school’s pristine track record shows that students have achieved superb examination grades while being able to undertake a wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities, thoroughly preparing them for higher education abroad and beyond.

“We boast an impressive number of entries into Russell Group and Ivy League Universities compared to other schools in Malaysia, as well as sports prodigies such as Harleein Tan who recently claimed the Under-11 title at the prestigious British Junior Open squash championship,” Tunku Imran beamed.

With over 1,000 students from over 20 different countries, KTJ is the perfect setting to foster an environment for work and learning in which one may achieve a level of comfort with one’s individuality and culture while accepting and respecting the individuality and cultures of others.

“It encourages camaraderie among the students from different walks of life as they take part in extracurricular activities together and prepares them for success in today’s dynamic environment,” Tunku Dara Naquiah said, adding that she also conducts etiquette courses for soon-to-be school-leavers.

“Essentially, we’re developing leaders of the future. Our alumni have nothing but good things to say about the school. Many members say the best thing about KTJ is the resort-like campus. Now, how many students can say that about their school?” Tunku Imran jested.

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The waterfront building
Above The waterfront building. (Photo: KTJ)

Admissions for 2021 are now open and you may register to attend a Virtual Open Morning to meet academic staff and take a virtual tour of the campus. Learn more on its official website.

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