Global intellectuals Ayesha and Parag Khanna on what tomorrow holds and how to create a positive legacy

It’s become even harder to predict the future in a world where conventional wisdom no longer applies, especially given the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t daunt power couple Ayesha and Parag Khanna, co-founder of ADDO AI and founder of FutureMap respectively, who use their insight and experience to advise companies and governments on how to chart their future paths.

Apart from being experts on artificial intelligence and geopolitics, Ayesha and Parag are sought-after speakers who have appeared on various global conferences. Over the last couple of months in lockdown, they have continued their circuit, virtually of course. “Now I visit four countries a day,” comments Parag with a smile when we met at Straits Clan for this edition of Tatler Talks. 

Tatler Singapore's September cover personalities came armed with answers to a wide variety of questions, none of which they have seen beforehand. The format featured a “crystal bowl” filled with questions submitted by influential individuals from Tatler’s community and members club Straits Clan.

Ilaria Chan, Group Advisor on Social Impact Investments at Grab, asked Parag to expound on a comment he shared in a previous talk that “everyone is frenemies with everyone in Asia". She asked him about which "frenemy" relationship does he deem most fragile and at the brink of becoming a full-on "enemy" given the recent events. 

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Petra Freddi, Senior Director with the Milken Institute, asked Ayesha what her vision is for the future of education post-Covid and the role AI and technology would play in the sector. The session also included timely questions on the impact of social media and of course travel—the Khannas are known to be intrepid travellers, with their last trip pre-Covid to Tbilisi, Georgia in 2019 being a constant source of inspiration for the family.

Watch the complete Tatler Talks session, moderated by editor-in-chief Kissa Castañeda, below:

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